Hub-Mesh not updating a driver from Linked Hub

I have a custom driver on my "LAN/Cloud" Hub that is shared with my "Z-Wave/ZigBee" hub (it's my WU driver). And I've noticed it's stuck on an old version (it is mostly working tho).

I've tried everything I can think of to force update the driver from the Linked hub to the local hub and nothing seems to work. I can't find any way to see any Hub Mesh error logs either.

Any ideas on how to force the driver to update that doesn't involve me recreating the shared device on my local hub and breaking all my rules etc? @bobbyD @bcopeland

NVM, I rebooted the "local" hub, and it pulled the latest driver down from the "linked" hub.

It would be good if there was a way to force this "full sync" without bouncing a hub.

I’ll mention it just in case, but I assume you tried the Sync Now button on the Hub Mesh screen for the remote hub…

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Sure did. :+1:

Ok, it happened again, neither sync nor update from either hub will update the driver code.

An hour later I rebooted the hub and it updated.

If I can go back a step or two.... Purely for my own benefit.... Does this mean that:

  1. If you have a device shared via Hub Mesh and the driver is updated on the parent / master hub it is also updated on the child / slave hub?
  2. If so, does this apply to both custom and built-in drivers?

I have other custom drivers that are updating across my hubs ok, I’m not sure why this one has stopped doing so.

For me it is not so much the fact that this is not happening for you, it is more that it is a thing.... I was not aware it could happen. The thing that would concern me, admittedly understandable in developing HE, is if I have both Beta and "production" hubs linked via Hub Mesh. As much as I should have thought this part through, if I am interpreting it correctly, would be nice if there was a warning of some sort... Or a notification.

Ah ok. The way I deal with that is to have a Dev driver install that isn’t shared to my primary hub. And only when I’m happy with that install do I update the “prod” Driver for final testing.

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