Hub Mesh - hubs aren't seeing each other

I was using Hub Connect and was having problems, and then stumbled across the Hub Mesh. I have both of my hubs updated to the latest version, and they are on the same network. I have a Hub Mesh option on both, but when I click it, neither hub sees other hubs on the network. What am I missing?

Refresh and they’ll randomly show up, and randomly disappear. The problem has been reported.

Weird...I have refreshed and rebooted both hubs multiple times and have yet to see them show up. Good to know I am not the only one though...thanks!!

I'm going to ask the obvious stupid question but you are following this process.
Like I say, stupid question but I thought I would ask.

EDIT: Mind you this misses the initial step of selecting hubs to sync up.


Hub mesh uses multicast. How are your Hubitats connected to your network?

I am - really, the first step shows they appear - there isn't something to do before that, is there?

The are wired. I have a mesh system, and each is wired into a different mesh router - I wouldn't think that would be an issue.

Does your mesh system support multicast? Some don't (eg. AiMesh). And Hub Mesh definitely requires multicast.

I know Google WiFi and eero support multicast, and have confirmed that Hub Mesh works on there.

I have eero and I can confirm they work with Hub Mesh.

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Netgear Orbi also supports mult-cast if you enable IGMP.

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Linksys Velop works

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Dang - I’m thinking it might not. I can’t find IGMP in the settings and can’t really find much on a quick Google search. I’ll have to dig more. It’s a to-link deco system.

We're working on a plug-and-play full TCP solution that would work around default router mesh settings. No ETA yet, though.


I have a Netgear Orbi and my hubs aren't seeing each other. I now see a TCP option that should be used for mesh networks. Any downside to using TCP?

It’s chatty, but if UDP doesn’t work, then this is the only option.

Thanks. I just changed both hubs to TCP and they're still not seeing each other

Please any downside to enabling IGMP?

Not that I’ve seen, just another protocol that the router either allows or disallows. General security rule is to turn off any protocol that isn’t needed so that you don’t need to worry about an unknown vulernability, but if you keep your router firmwware updated you should be safe.

If your switch/router has a setting for IGMP Snooping, and it's turned on, it will trash some of the packets so Hub Mesh won't be reliable. Turning IGMP Snooping off won't trash any packets, and Hub Mesh will be reliable, but it can allow devices to spam the subnet with traffic (not that most people would notice since this is mostly residential and not commercial). As with everything, YMMV.

Thanks. So what would you recommend? Turn on IGMP or use TCP?