Hub Mesh Device Names & Device Labels

When linking devices via hub mesh, it would be nice if it would copy the Device Name and Device Label from the other hub. Currently it take the Device Label (If both the device Name and Label are populated) and puts that in as the Device Name on the hub. with "on hub_name" That on hub_name is really annoying. That should be a feature of add or remove depending on users wants and needs. some might prefer it and others don't.

I would also maybe add another variable just for hub_name so it becomes a sortable field when listing devices.

Also carry over the room assignment so we don't have to do dbl work. (If the hub does not have the room created from the linked hub, automatically add it and keep them synced. (Non editable on hub)

So instead of this:

It would like this (mirroring my other hub and the source device and look like this:

This would make it much easier and for us OCD people we need this.

Then on the device list. Instead of this:

Have the Source name be the hub name from where it comes from instead of the word linked. (Also lock the header so it does not scroll off screen)

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Personally, I like the on hub_name.

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I know some do some don't, Hence it should be an option on the hub mesh page

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I do like the option to show the hub name in source, instead of « Linked »…


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