Hub Login Security - Add user missing

Trying to add another user. I had another added but couldn't remember the password for the other user. So I deleted it. Then tried to add it back as a new account but the add user is missing.. This is no longer there. How do you add another user? I am on

Hub Login Security - Hubitat Documentation <-- no longer there.

I concur. The option is not there anymore.

Yes, the option to add multiple hub logins was removed and the section was renamed to hub login security. This was due to confusion related to portal accounts and some upcoming changes relates to assigning accounts to hubs.

So we won't be able to add any accounts once a login is removed ? So I am assuming that only 1 login will be allowed ?

Correct, only one user name and password combo for hub login security on your local LAN.


Will there eventually be a way to allow multiple log-ins?

Why do you need multiple admins to log in to the hub? You can have multiple users on the mobile app and portal.

Please help me understand the use case for multiple admins with full control over your home hub?

This is a minor request. Just because I would like my wife and Son to be able to configure their own dashboards but to not be able to modify mine or each others.

I am very new to the product so I may not be understanding how it works.

With separate pins on dashboards, that would be possible. Dashboards are not linked to hub login.

Just set each dashboard with a pin / password and they can have and change their own

I don't understand the logic behind removing this.
My use case is that multiple admins can login to add or change a device and I want to be able to view who in the audit log if a change needs to be investigated.

Why not leave the option for the people who need multiple users?
It's not ideal to share logins on most systems.


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Ya really what good was removing it? Why do we all have to suffer for the sins of the least common denominator? I was under the impression that since hubitat was community driven it would allow that sort of expandability. Maybe just have an "advanced options" section and a notice explaining that it's not for regular users. Look. If there's a cliff with a sign saying don't jump and you jump, it's your own fault if you die. The users section could be quite useful if there was an ACL and a way to set a single hub as a master that holds that ACL, and using hubconnect you could configure all the hubs to accept passwords from the master hub. Of course you will need an offline copy of the ACL on the other hubs and for it to sync and a regular admin that controls everything and a way to make an admin that cannot change hubconnect settings. At least in regards to passwords and the ACL. I think it's more than doable.

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Sorry this is a BAD Idea! There are many reason why you should allow multiple admins. I am a systems administrator and I do not like sharing credentials EVER! but there are time when others need to perform maintenance on a device. Also it helps to prevent being locked out as it is not as likely that all of the admins will forget their passwords at one time. This needs to be resolved and multiple admins permitted. This is a huge step backwards.


I agree that having the option of multiple admin accounts is something that should be possible if only in case the primary admin account gets corrupted in some way.


Use case:
Local users may connect from a device (pc) without the habitat app. In this case, a user currently has access to the full interface, not just portal dashboards.

HE would be improved if less technical users in the household could be offered a separate login, without the ability to change/delete rules.

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I think what confused me about this situation was that when I wanted to add my wife's phone to my new hubitat, I wasn't clear how to best do it. I came to this article and it said only 1 admin, so I eventually figured out that I should

  1. make her her own account with her email
  2. go to my web site portal and add her as a user there (that option was the hard thing to find for me anyway)
  3. then I hit another issue since we both have the same phone type the name both of us got for our "mobile device" was the same. So until I renamed one I couldn't find us both.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that I have push notifications now working to both of our phones, as separately named devices and she has the app installed with all the same dashboards.

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Actually I think you are still confused :slight_smile:. This thread is about the login to the hubโ€™s admin interface, only accessible via a webpage while youโ€™re on your LAN.

You are referring to the hubitat portal login, which can be used to login to the hubitat mobile app on an iOS or android device from anywhere.

Iโ€™m nonetheless glad to hear that you were able to create a hubitat portal guest account for your wife and setup push notifications for both your phones.


@marktheknife. Well yea, that's sorta my point. I was confused by the process of applying the app to another person. I realize there is a cloud "portal" account now, as well as a local hub admin login. But the options that the app provides don't make it clear that you need to make your own account, and then ask the admin to add your email to their portal.

It would probably have been clearer if either the existing app (original admin user) had some option to add accounts from their app, or even if the "discover devices" area of the hub local website had one more device type called "mobile" that just asked for an email address of a user account you wanted to add.

Right now it's sort of this weird under the hood way of the "mobile device" just shows up under devices.

Anyway, I definitely agree with the comment that we don't need more than one admin account. I just was not clear on the adding a second user still and most searches didn't really send me somewhere explaining it clearly either.

All that said, I'm 100% in absolute love with this system. I have all my 80 some devices ported finally, I have written my own groovy app for door alerts since I wanted something somewhat custom, and I hope to see the mobile app keep improving as well. Thanks!

(and yes, sorry for this not really being applicable to this thread... but when you search how to add a second user this one peaked my interest)

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