Hub load is severe

My Hubitat is always reporting load is severe. My version 1.3.2 build 163. Load has been severe across many updates . Hub is less than 6 months old. Bought direct

I have less than 20 devices and two imple programs (turn a plug into a switch and a timer for the porch light ).
How do I contact the company for a replacement?

I just tried to update to the latest version and the device never returned from rebooting and the blue light stayed solid. Powered it down after 30 minutes and seems to have updated and seems to be working fine.

I do believe there is a hardware issue.

While that is possible, the most likely explanation is that your hub has a corrupt database, which is easily fixed. Perform a Soft Reset as described in the Hubitat Documentation, linked below:

Soft Reset | Hubitat Documentation.

The more onerous task is to determine why your hub's database is corrupt. This will require you to engage with staff and community members during the troubleshooting process.

Please provide the details requested in this post so that staff and community members can help you troubleshoot this issue:

You can use the support portal .