Hub for the Holidays event


Elevate Your Home for the Holidays

Make the switch to Hubitat Elevation® during our Hub for the Holidays Sale! Get the speed, reliability and security you demand in your home automations for the special price of $115. Hubitat Elevation gives you the ultimate control over your lights, locks, thermostats, switches and so much more:

  • Z-Wave and Zigbee internal radios
  • Hundreds of compatible devices
  • Powerful built-in automation apps such as Rule Machine® and Hubitat Safety Monitor™
  • Custom user dashboards
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices



Was just pondering, what would granny want for Christmast this year... :wink:


Ok, so that make 3 now....

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I ordered mine today. Thanks Hubitat!

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Normally I would be upset when I buy a product and then the price goes down within a few days. But it’s so much better than my previous hub I don’t really care! :rofl:


Argh, I don't need 2nd C7 .... but very tempted. :thinking:

EDIT: and bought ... I'm blaming the 1.5 liters of 8.5% beer I just consumed* (if my wife asks). :rofl:

In all seriousness, I do need a dev hub to play with and 2.2.4's Hub mesh capabilities just made this such an easy decision. :sunglasses:

*no I'm not kidding, I am a Scottish descended (my Mum is a Scott) Asstray-lerian after all. :crazy_face:


I already have a second C7 and I'm so glad I have now hub mesh is here. One for webcore and the other for devices and it all works together perfectly. With just a single hub things were just slightly starting to show the strain but now it's all handled with ease. I'd recommend to anyone that has an ever expanding number of devices and automations to go down this route. It's so easy now with hub mesh.
Unfortunately I live in the UK so the offer probably doesn't work out that well for me but if it did I'd probably consider buying another one as a spare.

TBH honest, I got a really good deal on my first C7 so this just gives me parity with that I think (Aussie peso is garbage atm).

Same! Blue-eyed, red-headed mom and both her parents lines go back to Scotland. Much of their families hailed from Nova Scotia way back, and several settled in Boston in the 1800's. Unfortunately for me my dad has brown eyes so none of the blue-eyed genes showed up in me. :frowning:

Want some Scotch oat cakes? I just made a batch from my Grandmother's recipe :slight_smile:


Nice, my mum has blue eyes but brown hair. In her family red hair and blonde hair like to take turns skipping generations.

I got lucky, I got the blue eyes and blonde hair. My brother and sisters all got dad’s brown hair and hazel eyes. :grinning:

My wife is a Pom with blue eyes so my kids both got blue eyes. My daughter is a clone of my wife (brunette with blue eyes) and my son is a clone of me (blonde hair and blue eyes).

It’s Funny how genetics works out some times.

My mum moved out to Australia with her family after WW2 and settled in Victoria. :+1:

Oh hell yes, lovely work sir! They look basically identical to my nanas! :heart_eyes:

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And my grandmother was always "Nana" as well...twins across the sea. :slight_smile:

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PS my Scottish family is mostly Stewart’s.

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Cool...I've never traced that. I'll have to see what I can find out.

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Well I felt bad about all the off-topic so I ordered another hub. :slight_smile:

(That's my excuse, anyway.) :smiley:

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He who dies with the most hubs wins? :laughing:

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I've got a c5. Didn't really think I needed to upgrade initially but I'm starting to have that "left out" feeling. A little worried there will be another update next year for CHIP, definitely don't want to buy another one again next year if I buy now.

Any compelling reason to spend the money? If I'm going to, I guess this sale will be as good as it gets.

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That "now or later" paradox is always a PITA. :slight_smile:

Either way you'll eventually feel like you screwed up. :wink:

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Based on the information released to date, hubs should be able to get firmware updates to support the new devices.

The actual physical zwave and Zigbee radios shouldn’t change ... unless corporate greed kicks in (always a distinct possibility).

PS I don’t mean the Hubitat company.

The big guys are always going to be changing everything to keep the money flowing. Just settle in for what works and use those to make your life comfortable. The next new flashy toy is always right around the corner.

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Ordered one for my brother-in-law for Christmas so he can dump smartthings!