Hub connect remote hub issue

Hi all. I recently discovered (with the help of this community) I had a bulb issue, where I could not pair a schlage zigbee lock. I purchased a second Hubitat and was able to pair the lock easily. It was recommended to use Hubconnect to get the two hubs to talk together, then move all non bulbs to the same hub as my lock, and keep the "server" hub just for bulbs. I followed the step by step instructions located and everything seemed to connect together. The issue I am having is on step 7 where it say select devices to synchonize to server hub... On the remote hub, when clicking on HubConnect Remote Client App, I am getting the message

" New Version Detected!

This HubConnect Remote Client has an upgrade that has been installed...
Please click [Done] to complete the installation.

I click Done and nothing happens, and I can not select the devices to sync to the main. should I remove and start from the beginning?

In another thread, this was marked as the Solution:

thanks and sorry for the late reply--- that worked

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