HSM siren control

Is there an easy way to manage the siren when activated by HSM. I would like to have it sound for a while (say 60 seconds) but then switch off. I'm often travelling and worry it activates and then keeps blaring all night while I'm on a flight or asleep overseas! My logic is the initial sound and red flashing lights through the house should make any intruder run for the hills. I'm fine with HSM re-activating if intrusion is sensed again. But I'd like to know the siren won't keep sounding until I get to cancel the alerts. Any best-practice quick/easy way to set this up?

I would think you would be able to do this in RM

Clear the alert in HSM or disarm HSM. Both should stop the siren and return any lights setup in the light alerts to their pre-alert levels.

You could have a rule that just clears the alert in HSM after so many minutes. That would be the easiest thing to do. That way it can re-trigger if necessary. If you just turn off the siren, HSM will stay in alert and no be able to be re-triggered.


Something like that would work and would also cancel the delayed action if you disarmed the system or canceled the alert yourself.

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Great, thanks Ryan. I didn't realise that HSM integrates with RM in these ways. Cheers.

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No problem. The best part about this, if it was just a false alarm, your system is still armed and ready for a REAL intrusion, should one happen.

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Yeah, that's exactly what I was looking for.

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meh, never had much success with canceling sirens. The dome siren will never cancel. I hit disarm & then cancel alerts, and the sirens blare constantly until the 5 minutes is up. I set dome siren duration in the device itself to 5 minutes? is that my problem?

No, I have a dome siten as well and it responds correctly after I disarm HSM or cancel the intrusion alert. How are you triggering the siren to sound? Are you turning it to "on" or are you triggering it by integrating to HSM?

Good to hear. It alarms via HSM integration.

Adding link to this Feature Request for continuity as it's pretty much in the same ballpark as this discussion.


Yeah...it really doesn't though. The siren should shut off when the alert is cleared. That functionality already exists in HSM.

I hate to ask this @Rxich but the only way to see what's going on would be to turn on debug logging for your device and have HSM trigger an alert. I have a dome siren and a doorbell 6 (which has a siren) as well and I do not have this problem. So, I don't think this is a HSM problem but a device problem.

No need. It's easy to achieve in RM, as follows:

Indeed. And the flexibility of the system is a charm in this regard.

But again, it goes back to the question of the target market for Hubitat and the one -stop-bundling of functionality in HSM. Is it meant to be or not? What you asked for is basic Security System functionality. I realize Hubitat isn't "aiming to be that"... but there are people coming to this system asking the question, "what do I do where" , and "how many layers do I have to maintain to achieve it".

Using Rule Machine for this would be something I would expect anyone who's got a virtual sensor to be able to accomplish. Both are higher level functions.

As i said, HSM will already turn switches off that it turned on when the alert occurs, that already works.

Hey Ryan, I see you said "on", should I preferentially be using "on" vs. "siren" or does it not matter?
I will turn on debug for both sirens and trigger an intrusion.
And , for me, both my siren 6 and dome siren, won't stop when I cancel alerts.
See below, both times it went off, system was immediately disarmed, and I hit cancel on my iris keyfob, which is programmed to either of the bottom 2 buttons. You can see how long it took to go to off

If you set it up with HSM, you don't have to do anything. HSM will control it.

I think my HSM setup is almost 2 years old, and I'm guessing it's corrupt. My ears are still ringing. I set off hsm, and all sirens would not stop for about 2-3 minutes. Despite disarm, cancel, mute siren 6, canel, hit off on device page, nothing would work, it wouldn't stop.
Based on your not having problems, I'll assume it's my build.

I would also check your siren 6. You may need to exclude and re-pair it to the hub. I've never had a problem with mine. It responds a little slowly sometimes but we're talking a second or two. not minutes. Did you include it secure or insecure?

Insecure, I only have my locks paired securely. I gotta say that siren 6 is LOUD. I have it tucked behind my old doorbell cover, and even with that, it's deafening.
I'm working with Arnb on another thread chasing down keypad issues, which could be related.