HSM PIN NOT Working with HSM Virtual Button, but Working with HSM Tile; "Feature" not Bug

So I entered a PIN as follows: Apps/Alarm Dashboard/Advanced pulldown
Require a numerical pin to be entered before sending an HSM command/1234/Done and entered a four digit number.

I don't see any request for a password when I arm or disarm HSM on the LAN browser or on the Habitat Mobile App.

What am I missing? How can I get this to work?

Edited to remove the incorrect term "COG", add the password and Done to clarify.

First, the place to set the PIN is in the Apps > Hubitat Dashboard > (your Dashboard), i.e, the actual app, not the App Status (cogs/gear icon) page, but since you were actually able to do that, I'm guessing that was right and maybe you are just mentioning that there was such an icon next to the app (which is true and should be for all apps--but it's a different link, and one you won't really need except possibly for troubleshooting).

Second, this only affects that particular dashboard in Hubitat Dashboard. I'm not sure where you're changing things in your browser or the mobile app. Both of these let you use a Dashboard, but if you aren't using that Dashboard, these settings won't be applicable (e.g., you could navigate to the HSM app itself on your hub and change it there, and it doesn't affect any other automations you might use to change HSM). Are you using Dashboard when you see this? I just tested the setting on one of my Dashboards, and it works as expected. Do make sure you hit "Done" in the dashboard app to save the changes--maybe that was it? Otherwise, if you weren't using Hubitat Dashboard for the rest of it, that could explain it.

bertabcd124, Thanks for the response.
So my intent was to set up a Dashboard for each person with an Arm/Disarm and an individual PIN (i.e., like my current alarm system). So you assumptions are right (ignore the COG ... I am new to this and prone to errors) ... Let's see if I can be more accurate. I am have executed the following:

  1. Apps > Hubitat Dashboard > Alarm System_Z > Advanced > Require a numerical pin to be entered before sending an HSM command. 1234 > Done
  2. In HSM the ARM virtual button is connected to HSM Arm-Home
  3. On the Alam System_Z Dashboard I have set up the virtual button to push "Arm HSM"
  4. I press the ARM virtual button and the systems starts arming with no PIN
  5. The DisARM button is similarly setup, and the disarm also proceeds without a PIN

Rather than ask you "10" questions ... Do you see what is wrong with this?

Can I not use the "Arm-HSM" on the virtual button and if not what can I use?

OK, I think the issue here is that you set up a virtual button and then have some app (possibly HSM itself) causing that to manipulate HSM. That won't work, since the "brains" of that are entirely outside Dashboard and Dashboard doesn't ultimately know it's HSM. The only thing that the HSM PIN option in Dashboard affects is an actual "HSM" tile (that's a specific template type you can choose in Dashboard)--anything else and it won't work.

I have a guess as to why you'd want what you have--the default HSM tile shows a lot of options that many people don't care to see--but the only other way I can think of to make this work is to protect the whole Dashboard (that's another option). There are also likely tricks you could do with hub variables, creating a sort of pseudo-PIN and a rule or other app that checks for changes in that value, but I've never tried...

Thanks for responding again, I hear what you are saying, and I was having problems understanding … but .. while I was responding I think I worked it out … you are referring to the HSM Status tile. If you have a chance, please validate my logic. At least I finally understand what you are trying to tell me (I think) :grinning:

  1. I see now that the password does indeed work with the “HSM Status” tile that brings up the “mega-menu” with all HSM options on it.

  2. What doesn’t work is that I assigned virtual Arm and Disarm buttons within HSM! HSM>Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options. I would have thought that would have made the connection between the Virtual Buttons and HSM … but apparently it does not. I can see how assigning virtual buttons might provide other functionality.

Just the same, it is unfortunate the HSM>VB connection doesn’t provide the PIN capability … maybe I’ll put in a product improvement request.

Thanks again for your help. I’ll cogitate some more on my solution.

That's correct; Dashboard only knows about the HSM tile and doesn't have a way to get any other knowledge about what devices or automations you might have set up that may affect HSM.

After further cogitation, and a lot of reading, I'll follow-up on my own question. It turns out Stephan.J has already solved this problem ... How to make a password protected tile to disarm HSM, (but you could make it do anything you desire).

So the instructions are a little cryptic for noobs like me ... but they do work. If you are looking for noob instructions, please contact me directly. Otherwise, see Guide on How to Create a Password Protected Tile

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