HSM notification issue with Gas detector [Platform Version]

Hello, first of all, this is my first post on the forum and also English is not my native language, please understand.

That said, the problem I have is that when gas is detected, HSM does not send any notification. However, when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, the notification arrives.

Looking at the doc. of capabilities and seeing the events subscribed by HSM there is something that, in my opinion, is not correct. Gas Detector capability defines the narutalGas attribute but HSM subscribes to gas.detected (as can be seen in the screenshots below).


I understand that HSM should subscribe to naturalGas.detected or the capability define the gas attribute.

Am I thinking this right or am I missing something?

I could define a gas attribute in the driver as work around and synchronize it with naturalGas but I understand that the general solution goes the way of adjusting HSM.

I take this opportunity to comment that the hubitat product is incredibly good as well as its community and I would like to leave a "Thank you very much!". I have been able to automate most of my situations with hubitat out of the box platfotm, and for those that are not, I have always found an answer in community.

Edit: @bravenel, maybe you can help me?
Thank you.

You could easily just use the notifcation app and send a notifcation when the gas detector goes off... But HSM does use notification for gas detectors.

Yes, but not work. HSM does not send notification when gas is detected. This is the point of my thread.

Notifications app does not support Gas detector capability as you can see below.

Looking at the Rule Machine application, I can see that it successfully subscribes to naturalGas.detected as you can see below.

The problem with HSM is that it subscribes to gas.detected, which is impossible to activate since the gas attribute does not exist. HSM should subscribe to naturalGas.detected as done in Rule machine.

@bravenel please, you can check if it is possible to fix this? thank you.

All the rule apps including HSM are generally light versions of Rule Machine but more simple... When they don't do what you want you use Rule machine instead. Bruce has stated he won't keep adding to apps like that because of feature creep. (how many things do they have to add until it becomes rule machine with a different name?) It does generally subscribe in a general way See here...

Or you can simply do RM like this

Yes, there is a bug in HSM for Gas Detector, and this will be fixed in the next release. As a possible work-around this bug was fixed in HSM Custom Rule, and it could do the same task. Rule Machine can also do this notification.

Also, we will add Gas Detector to the Notify app for the next release.