HSM disarming causes previously alert triggered lights to go on again

Curious what might be the cause of all the lights which go on when this HSM Intrusion is triggered at night to go on yet again when this Alert was automatically canceled upon disarming at mode transition at 7:00:01 going from Night mode to Day mode.

I have a rule that turns all those lights off 30 minutes after the initial intrusion triggers....so they WERE off but all got turned on upon this exact second this morning.

Aside: I see others have reported similar events. I'm just going to leave this post up as evidence that this still happens to folk...there may be an explanation but I haven't observed this happening before.

app:652024-02-08 07:00:01.327warnAlert Intrusion-Night canceled

app:652024-02-08 07:00:01.022infoDisarmed

app:652024-02-07 22:36:14.589warnAlert Intrusion-Night Door - Garage

OK I found that in the "DISARM"-ing the light states are returned to their "captured" states. But when exactly does that take place because all but one of these lights are OFF prior to any HSM Alert/Alarm whence they are all flipped on. So the "pre-alarm state to return to" would be OFF.

And this is one of the earliest rules I created in HSM yet this is the first time I recall seeing these lights on the next morning after HSM was triggered the night before.

capturedDevsIntrusionNight HashMap {33={CM=null, switchState=on}, 201={CM=null, switchState=on}, 203={CM=null, switchState=on, dimmerValue=100}, 414={CM=null, switchState=on, dimmerValue=100}}

In case anyone comes across this occurrence in the future.... it does happen. Not sure exactly the scenario that perpetrates it....but taking lighting control away from HSM doesn't seem like the solution the folk that built HSM would have had in mind.

Another thread, closed now...but worth reading as he states the problem spot on. This is 3 years old, surely if there was "a bug" it would have been discovered by now. I wonder what perfect storm of events might be at the root of this because clearly....as this guy noted, this is NOT the kind of thing you want happening. It's bad enough that one has to build a rule outside of HSM to TURN OFF the things turned on upon an alarm/alert/intrusion.