Lights mysteriously triggered (HSM to blame?)

I have HSM set to disarm (from Armed-Night) when the Hubitat mode changes to Day (at 6am).
When HSM intrusion is detected, it turns on all lights (a group called Panic-Lights).

On several occasions I have been woken at 6am (when mode changes to Day) by all the lights coming on for no apparent reason - as if an intrusion had been detected.
I believe that HSM is causing this when automatically disarming.

I think this happens on the morning after a day when a "real" intrusion was detected.
Yesterday evening, the intrsuion alert went off and turned on the lights + sirens.
This morning at 6am (precisely), the lights came on and I saw a message in the logs about HSM resetting the intrusion alert.

Has anyone had similar issues - or maybe even know the HSM code to confirm my suspicion.
Not good experience for the WAF !


You may want to submit this as a support case to Hubitat at It does sound like you may be on to something, especially if you can replicate the behavior at will.

Tagging @bobbyD from Hubitat Support.

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THAT would definitely give me a complex. We had a stressful experience when a smoke detector got a whiff of a burn pit at midnight one night. Although I was grateful that the detectors were that sensitive, but I can definitely understand how that affects the acceptance factor.

Thanks for the replies.
Happened again this morning, so took some screechots of logs. Time to try emailing support.
And I'll stop using the lighting triggers in HSM.

I'm seeing the same thing. Did you get any help from support?

Just trying to check whether I did email support or not. Not sure I did in the end.
But I did change my config so that the lights are turned on by a separate rule rather than direct from the HSM alert.
I dont think Ive had the issue since.