HSM Cancel Delayed Arming

I see this posting back '18 so I'm freshening it up here:

I am a recent smartthing refugee and have setup a nice physical button to delay arming while I close the door and lock up. 30 seconds after I hit my button the system arms. and I even have Alexa warn "30 seconds". Works great until...

Wife had to come back through the door during the 30 second delay. She hit the disarm-button which is set to disarm HSM and send a confirmation notification to the phones. Unfortunately the system still armed and she tripped the motions setting off the buzzah.

Can't seem to get over it: How do I cancel the delayed arming?

Same problem here. I'm using ring 2nd gen keypad. I put the code in again (during arming), the keypad says 'disarmed' but the system still goes ahead and arms.

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