HSM cancel arming

When you use delay armed-away (for example 30 sec) how can we cancel the process without wait the system to be armed and then disarm the hsm.

Imagine two bottoms : one for arming and ans second one for disarming.

If you press the bottom arming (for tigger a rule to force hsm to go in armed state), the system will start the delay of 30 sec. If you press the disarm bottom without wait the delay, it will not cancel the process. So I see in the log that the trigger works to disarm the system ans after the delay was reach, I see a info message in log that the system in armed. If I got to the dashboard, the system is armed. If I push again my disarm bottom, then the system will disarm this time.


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This is a feature worth taking a look at. As you discovered, it's not there yet.

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