HSM cancel alerts doesn't stop siren?


I need help understanding what HSM is doing, or not doing. I set up the Intrusion to monitor contact sensors and set up alerts to send a Pushover and a text message, turn on the siren, and turn on a light. So that all works - what I'm having trouble with is cancelling the siren. In the configure options I set up to push a button to cancel alerts (just a virtual button on the dashboard) and I also selected a swtich to cancel alerts - assuming that if I canceled the alerts it would stop the siren. In the logs I can see the button push and switch being seen by Hubitat, but it has no effect on the siren.

So, does cancelling the alert not turn off the siren? Is the only way to turn off the siren to Disarm? I'm wondering if I just don't understand what "Cancel Alerts" is supposed to mean?

I don't know if I want to Disarm right away to stop the siren. Is there any value in leaving the system Armed while I'm trying to figure out what set it off? If there isn't, I will try setting the button to Disarm instead of Cancel Alerts and see if that can stop the siren...

Any clarification/tips would be appreciated!


I have somewhat of a similar issue but it involves my keypads... I couldn't turn off the siren or stop my lights from flashing throughout the house.. However, the main gurus say there is a hub firmware update due out soon that will fix some of the HSM issues and specifically the keypads... Maybe the siren will be covered as well?

Can you help me with how to setup virtual buttons? I'm using House Panel to control my system and I can't figure out how to arm/disarm in that app...


I think this all depends on what state the switch was in. Try removing the switch and just press a virtual button. That's normally how a keypad or contact would do it.

If I was ever going to use a virtual switch to disarm, I would always set it to turn off in 1 sec. That's in the device details of a virtual switch. However, that would be pretty specialized or I would be writing some odd rule if that were the case. Lots of other ways to do that that are more efficient too.


Sorry, I don't know HousePanel, but if you post here @kewashi will notice and help.


The switch is a physical switch... just the button is virtual...


I don't know HousePanel either, sorry! I have just been using Hubitat Dashboards. Creating the virtual button and adding it to a Dashboard I can tell you how to do - although you have to tell it what to do when the button is pushed using Rule Machine ... or I thought HSM but I haven't gotten that to work yet for my Siren / Alerts Cancel button so maybe HSM can't tell the button what to do???


Coolio... I like House Panel as it runs local and has a lot of customizing options... Just learning it myself though... Running it on a Raspberry Pi... Anyway, I want to see if I can bring the virtual button into HP... Looking for a way to control the HSM...


Is the switch off when you're trying to disarm with the virtual button?


Here's the HSM doc if you have not seen it yet.


It happened to me with my keypad as well, so I created a RM rule that is triggered when HSM changes to disarmed. It checked if the siren is on and if it is it will turn the siren off.


I think you can do what you want by using the RULE feature of the HP tile customizer. You would add a custom field and set the rule to trigger the HSM mode you want. Assume your HSM tile number is let’s say 28 (just made that up). Then your rule would be: 28=state=disarmed

Or whatever mode you wanted.

To define a rule add a new custome tile and then go into edit mode, click the blue circle to open customizer; then select rule in the drop down box on custom field type. The rule is entered in the txt box. Give your rule any textual field name. Click done.

You can add as many rules as you like or string multiple rules in a single entry, separated by comma like:

28=state=disarmed, 12=switch=off, 31=musicmode=pause

And your custom tile can add other fields that link to other tiles or add other rules.


Yes I reviewed the HSM documentation carefully... trying to get this section to work but neither my virtual button on the Dashboard nor my wall switch are cancelling the alert?

Cancel Alert Options

Setting your Cancel Alerts Buttons or Switches is very important. First, if you set a delay for your intrusion alerts, you’ll want an easy way to cancel the alert before it triggers after the delay. Second, if your alerts are triggered (especially sirens), you’ll want a way to shut them off without having to go into the Hubitat Web Interface.You have a choice of canceling your alerts using buttons or switchesSelect the buttons or switches you want to use to cancel your alerts.

  1. When you are finished configuring your arm/disarm options, select Done .

HSM cancel alert button selection.png


Interesting ... If you know the command to send to HSM you should be able to make a virtual switch or custom entry in HP to send that command. Must be a command mismatch somewhere. Turn on logs and see what it tells you


The suggestion here was to uninstall and reinstall HSM, and that helped. Try it it might work for you to.


I was just reading in the HSM doc and if I understand how this works, you have to select an existing physical or virtual switch to disarm HSM. I assume you did that and it isn't working. Hopefully the reinstall will fix this.

Once you have it working, you can link your turnoff switch into your existing HSM tile using the HP tile customizer and the LINK command. Or you can just put the switch you picked into the room and style it appropriately. An alternative to LINK is to style the disarm switch with no border and no background so you can then drag it somewhere interesting - like near your HSM status tile or in an corner of the page. Lots of options... but i get that you have to get the switch to work first.


If I uninstall HSM, do I have to set it all back up from scratch?

btw, I am not using HousePanel, that was someone else asking about that.


Just tried it on my test hub. Yes, you will have to setup HSM again. Shouldn't be too difficult though. If your setup is really complicated, you might try just reinstalling and testing just a very basic [contact triggers > light goes on] then see if you can cancel it from the Virtual button driver like this...



So I deleted the virtual button from the "Cancel Alerts" section and moved it to the "Disarm" section, but kept the switch to Cancel Alerts - and now they both are working as expected, for the most part. The switch will stop the siren without disarming technically. However, it does seem to leave the system in a limbo state with alerts active, but maybe that's just how HSM works? The siren/other future alerts can't be triggered again while in this state it seems, not until the Alerts are cleared in Hubitat and/or HSM disarmed and rearmed. But now that I've got what seems to be predictable behavior, I'm good with that.

The virtual button will disarm which stops the siren, then I can rearm from the same dashboard if desired. Works.


If you are talking about the UI appearance, a simple refresh of the page will correct that. These are not dynamic pages. When alerts are cancelled, the arm state is not changed. It will still be armed as before cancelling the alert.