HSM Battery no notifaction

HMS is not senidng low battery notices.

Here is my rule.

My presence sensor is at 15%, so it should be sending me notification every 1 minute right? (for testing)

It is not. Notifications work if I create a similar rule in RM (@ 6pm if battery is <20 send notification, but I cannot get it to include %value% when I do it that way)

Annotation 2020-03-19 1211

I have removed the rule, changed from all devices to just this one, removed HSM, and reinstalled. Am I missing something? I do not see a way to log HSM rules so I cannot post/or see what the issue is)

EDIT: I raised my battery alerting threshold to 70%, still no alerts. I have several batteries under 70% (changed back to "monitor all").

What was the battery level of the device when you save HSM? HSM will only trigger when the battery level DROPS below the threshold you input. It will not perform a check on the battery level when you save the app. It's assuming that all battery levels are good when you program them into the app. So, to get an alert, you have to have a battery level that starts out above the threshold and then drops below it.

But I think there might be something wrong with the battery monitoring....I just checked mine and it has no event subscriptions. So, I'm not sure that it is working correctly. @bravenel, I'm thinking there is an issue here.

As you can see, my battery rule subscribes to no devices. And these devices are not subscribed in the larges HSM app either. So, I don't understand how it's going to send an alert, which it is not for me either.

I tried with a virtual device that I was able to manually set the battery level of. So, it went from 100 down to 10. Much quicker than waiting for batteries to run out. :slight_smile:


This was a reported bug. I know it was fixed. Probably in next release, but I'll have to check.

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My apologies. Musta missed that one.

I do seem to have event subs in my app.

I am not sure how to create a device that I can control battery % with, so I will have to wait and see if anything changes (I was not aware of how it "checked"). Thanks for educating me.

See Bruce's post above.

But I was able to get it to work by deleting the battery rule and re-entering it. The notification that I received was correct but the text on the GUI was incorrect. Maybe that's what you meant @bravenel? But the monitoring is working correctly if you go across the threshold value. But if you start out with a value below it you will not get an alert.

Alert in the GUI:

Email I recieved.

So, my original thought was correct, if you have the subscriptions then you just have to have something that traverses the threshold to get the alert.

Is there a way to make this rule fill in the "variables"? If it could just fill in the battery "value" would be fine. I would prefer a reminder it sent daily even if it does not change (I have had a door contact sensor at 1% for months). Notification works fine, but variables are blank/missing.

That's because your trigger doesn't have a value. %value% is the value of the %device% that triggered the rule. So, you won't ever be able to do it this way.

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