HSM Battery Alert

Got a low battery alert today. HSM said "ALERT!" in Red, along with the 15% level of the device.
After changing the battery, the red alert didn't go away, but just changed to say 100%. Had to cancel it manually. Seems like the alert should automatically clear after changing battery, yes?

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Picky picky! LOL. jk. I've never actually seen one. Good to know it actually works!

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Yeah it was definitely the highlight of my day :slight_smile: Just seemed weird later when it said "ALERT! Battery is at 100%!" :laughing:

It just wanted to make sure you knew....just in case. :wink:

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You must click cancel, no auto canceling feature.

Actually I seen a lot of those alerts, ST presence sensors suck batteries like crazy.

HSM by design wants you to take affirmative action to cancel an alert once it is triggered.

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I created a rule in RM to auto-clear custom alerts after a short period of time. Most of mine are for presence events, contact sensors, etc. so I rarely need the alert to persist, and this was the easiest way I could think of to clear the alerts automatically.

Would you mind sharing your rule?

Sure, pasted below.

The capability HSM alert has several options, by choosing β€œrule” that seems to be the custom alerts.

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Thanks very much.
Didn't realise it was that easy.
I've never played with this side of HSM before.
Thanks again.

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Thanks, nice rule

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The HSM battery level option is a nice feature. I think also adding a column under devices that shows battery percentage would be helpful also.

I setup a battery alert in HSM but I haven't received any alerts and one of my batteries is showing 1%. Where does the alert show?

Did you setup an sms or pushover notification in the HSM alert settings?

Hi @pcgirl
This is my HSM custom alert and it sends me a pushover notification when the battery level falls below 30%.
I know it works as it send me an alert today. :smile:


Yes, I do have a push notification setup for the HSM battery level.

Actually, I just checked the motion sensor and it says the battery is 20% so no wonder I haven't received an alert!:stuck_out_tongue: Says 1% in ST??

At least you know why. :slight_smile:

You'll be lucky to ever see a 5% battery. My devices always seem to get to 20-30% and die. I have my HSM battery alert set at 33%.

I agree you're unlikely to see 5% battery level but hey, give it a go.
Mine is set to 30% :slight_smile: