HSM Battery Alert @ 100%

I'm getting a HSM Battery Alert @ 100% (even if my custom HSM rule says below 50%)

I'm getting this message from a different device everyday. !

First time using HSM for battery alerts since Battery Notification does'nt seem to work correctly anymore. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong ?


@erocm123 has made an app called Device monitor.
I like that one.

Thanks, I'll try it. It's a shame HSM does'nt work for battery alarms, I'm trying to simplify things in the hub and use less rules in RM.

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Is app 2050 really HSM? If so, try removing the decimal. It might not like decimals since pretty much no device reports battery with that precision.

If that fixes it, please @ bravenel and let him know that he might want to scrub the input there so that can't happen.

I don't know if 2050 is HSM, but that's the only thing that reports battery status. It's happening once every day since I enabled this feature in HSM a week and a half ago.

All alarms are triggering @ 100 (rule configured only below 50%) and it's always a different device. Just to be clear, the devices are at 100% so they should not be triggering HSM

Also, I don't know what the 7.5 is all about, it's not from me.

Navigate to:

http://[local hub ip]/installedapp/configure/2050/mainPage


http://[local hub ip]/installedapp/configure/2050

What app is there?

Also, on the rule page in either of the highlighted spots you didn't put 7.5?

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My hub's Ip/installedapp/configure/2050 does not give a known page. It's like the device does not exist anymore

The first field reads 50
(Level is below 50)

The nest field reads 60 minutes

Huh, weird. I wonder if an app didn't uninstall all the way or if that's some internal app that HSM uses to get work done that can't be navigated to.

@bravenel Any help here?

Go back to your past logs and find those errors again. The left blue “app:2050” is clickable, click it and then scroll back up as it will highlight which app it is.

Actually, it won't be the left blue "app:2050". That will filter. It will be the "error" log level link.

No sir meant the left blue app:2050 link. Here is an example...I clicked my app:25 blue link:

Then scrolled up to find:

App 25 on this hub is indeed this app.

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I assumed you were trying to direct him to the app in question like I was with the URLs. I should have read your post more closely. Yes, it does show you which app it is but the purpose of the link is not to show you which app it is. It is to filter. The app being selected means it is filtering the log for just that app.

If you click the "Info" link in that screenshot it will actually navigate to the app (which is what I was trying to get him to do previous to your comment).

The app name is "Batteries Alert!" It's the app child of HSM

You could try to delete it and recreate it. Otherwise, do a support ticket or wait until Bruce replies here. He's been busy though. I haven't seen him around much the last few days.

Need to know what device is reporting 7.5 as a battery level. Battery levels should never be reported as decimal numbers. Is this from a built-in driver, or a custom one? I will look into the false reporting for 100, but have to wonder if it is related to the 7.5.

Also, please post the App Status page for this HSM custom rule.

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I just noticed that all of the devices reporting the same Alarm are Zooz 4 in 1 's (native Hubitat driver)

I got another Battery Alarm this morning and this time it's an Aeotec Trisensor

Are these the ones reporting the error about 7.5?