HSM Arming when (maybe) it shouldn't?

Continuing my "saga" (from here) ... After re-reading the (new) HSM documentation and experimenting with HSM for a while, what I am looking for further clarification on HSM operation. I have the following set up in HSM (and all the other settings ... but I am thinking that the rest are irrelevant):

Auto-Bypass...............Zone 1.........–
Delay arming...............60-secs......10-secs

For Arming Home ... my sequence is:

  1. Select Armed Home
  2. Open/close Zone 3, for 2-secs within 10-secs delay arming period
  3. After 10-seconds, HSM Arms

I am looking for help to clarify if this is how HSM is designed to operate? That is, HSM will still arm, even though a Zone contact opened (but not an Auto-Bypassed zone) during the arming sequence?

I seems to me that arming should fail.

Yes, this is correct, as I have observed/use it.

From my perspective, the purpose of the arming delay is to allow exactly the scenario described, e.g.

  1. Trigger arm away (via keypad, etc - inside) - countdown begins for the specified delay, system is not actually armed yet.
  2. Open/close the door to exit the home
  3. System arms after delay

Arming fails if a monitored sensor is open at the time that the system arms (after the delay).

I don't use the bypass feature, but this is to specify sensors that are allowed to be open when the system arms and not fail the arming. Presumably that sensor is also in the monitored list, and once it closes, if opened again, it would trigger alerts.

Dkilgore90 ... Thanks for the response. I (think I) agree with your statements. If what I see ... and you say are true,

I would very much prefer HSM to have a similar setting to the “Delay Intrusion … only for these doors” for exiting during arming … i.e., “Delay exit during arming only for these doors.” That way the “Jason Bourne's” wouldn’t be able to come in through the back door while I was exiting through the front door. I can work with what HSM provides though.

Is the delay only for armAway? I thought it was.

I suppose you could set your delay to something short, like 5 seconds, e.g. long enough to open the door, + bypass so that it doesn't fail arming (while the door is open)... Narrows the window (or door? lol) for Jason Bourne to get in :wink:

@nh.schottfam separate delays can be set for arm away, home, and night.

There are two delays.

Delay arming applies individually to Away/Home/Night arming (what we are discussing here) - ignores all contact changes for the specified time to allow exiting. So, for example, an Arm Away 60-second delay allows you to exit through any door (contact zone) for 60-seconds prior to HSM arming.

The Delayed intrusion only applies to to Away (as you are away from the house) and allows a time period to disarm HSM after entry through specified doors, before the siren goes off. So, for example, when you enter the house after being "away", you have 60-seconds to disarm.

In future, I would prefer the Arming sequence (where my system chirps at 1Hz) also let us use specific doors (or no doors). So, for example, for Arm Away, I could only exit through the front door. For arming Home, I could still have a 10-second arming sequence chirp, but no doors should open (because I am inside the house).

My reasons for asking for clarification? ... This is how my existing hardwired system works. I like my existing system so I am replicating some of its features into my HSM implementation.

... Because, as a legend in my own mind :innocent:, I always think Jason Bourne is after me. :gun:

thx for the info. are all of these the same parameter settings on the location event?

the API is not clear on the settings or behaviors.

If you could arm HSM via a door lock keypad, would you need any delay at all?
After all, you're already outside, and doing the final step before leaving.

You can always cancel the arming, by putting in a different code on the keypad.

What do you think about that suggestion?

I concur that would likely work. I am setting up the system to use multiple methods (e.g., interior house keypad, phone, lock etc,) and the purpose of my initial question was to determine how HSM was designed ... as opposed to ... had I misinterpreted something about the HSM design (which was the most likely the outcome given the system is in use by a lot of people).

So now that the community has clarified that it works as designed, I will now determine how/if I can use rules to operate the system as I would prefer.

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