How to use external software to "talk"with Hubitat

I am a stage tecnician, with a project comming up, and we need a low cost solution that could be hubitat based .

we need to diy 10 motor ( i can use zigbee relays ) to control them. they are curtain motors running together with the curtains (like Aqara pre build motors)
and then i need to use window open/close sensors to give feeback signal for the motors to stop at the right positions.

Since we use Qlab a theatre software to run entire shows cue list we want to hubitat and qlab to "talk together" , qlab can output all kinds of protokols.. I hope to find a way to trigger scene in hubitat from script or ?
and recieve output signal from zigbee switch / windows sensors.. from hubitat back to trigger stuff in qlab

I know that there is a Steam deck integration made.. so hopefully the above is posible.. can someone guide me in a direction where i can read about how ?

The reason we want to use Zigbee or hubitat is that it can run local only.. and that the parts are relativly straigt forward and inexpensive

Hope for advice Thanks.
Jeppe cohrt. denmark

The simplest way to start may be to use Maker API. It allows you to expose devices via an HTTP interface. If you install the Built-In Maker API App, it will show you example HTTP calls at the bottom of the page, some for retrieving information about a device, but also the ability to call commands for a device. You could use this to trigger a device that either itself activates a scene, or if needed, setup a virtual device and some rules, whatever suits your needs.

An alternative may be to write an app and/or driver to accept input via HTTP, giving you ultimate control over what you can do, but I expect Maker API may be all you need.


Out of curousity I looked for "WTF is Qlab".
I did find out that it can trigger an Art-Net protocol message (what ever this is :slight_smile: ).
Then I found this thread:
Any interest in Art-Net / DMX? - :construction: Developers - Hubitat
"Smart Stage"' I love it
Good luck

Now i got the HE to play with.

have setup a 4 channel relay and can control it through dash board ..

but i need to be able to trigger , turn on off from a showcontrol software on the same local network.

tryed to use Api maker to find out how to send command to HE.

But i didnt succed tonight.

used this : Send Device Command (replace [Device ID] with actual subscribed device id and [Command] with a supported command. Supports optional [Secondary value][Device ID]/[Command]/[Secondary value]?access_token=eac74dc6-883a-4f39-b444-2f97847cac43

and modified to : Send Device Command (replace [Device ID] with actual subscribed device id and [Command] with a supported command. Supports optional [Secondary value]

didnt work when pasted in browser line on the same laptop ?

what do i do wrong?

Take out the slash after the command name "on". You only need the slash if you are calling a command with a parameter. So just have ...2/on?access.....

I Got it Working.. thanks
Unfortunetly .. the show Control software . Will not let me run the script. Has been in contact with qlab support, and they guided me so fare they claim the script command is right, and supposed to work . And advice me to investigate in what the http command is.. strange that it just don’t work… it’s just supposed to send that line out..

It’s hard to be beginner in script when support can’t really solve my issue ..

The \" before http looks misplaced (or another of this pair needs to be at the end before the last quotes)

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I expect that is the likely issue.