How to transfer a subscription from one hub to another?

I tried to find a way to submit a ticket to support, but everything seems to point to the forum. So it sounds like maybe this is the official way to ask for support.

I have a C5 hub and a C7 hub. I have two subscriptions

  • Hub protect + remote admin for the C5 that expires Jan 28th
  • Hub protect for the C7 that expires Oct 25th.

I don't need hub protect for the C5. I only used it to migrate from the C5 to the C7. So I just need a single subscription that is Hub Protect + Remote Admin for the C7. Is it possible to just switch the two hubs around? Do I just need to cancel everything and start over? Not sure the best way to go about this...

For all things related to subscription, you can create a case by visiting the following page:

With that being said, the answer to your question, is that you need our help to transfer the service from one hub to another. I recommend canceling the C7 service then moving the bundle from C5 to C7. If you send me a private message along with your email address, I'd be glad to further assist.

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