How to test and wire a 5 pin relay?

I just installed my Powermaster starter and have a wiring question..
the content about 5 pin relay help me a lot,
but i still confused...strong text
I am going to be very detailed on this , i just want to know if this is correct ?
The stock starter has 3 terminal posts, I had a jumper wire connected to the battery terminal to the S" terminal and the R" terminal nothing connected.
The Powermaster has 2 terminals bat & ign. ..I am running a ford remote solenoid with Hi. ignition...
Anyway.. i have a purple wire that is coming out of a junction box that is under the master cylinder ..This Purple wire goes to the S" terminal on the remote sol. The battery cable also goes to the side terminals of the remote solenoid down to to the bat. terminal on the starter.. Do i run another wire from the Ignition terminal on the starter to the S" terminal of the Remote solenoid or the I" terminal or something different ??
This Is in a 65 gto..

refer to the content :/electron/how-to-wire-and-test-a-5-pin-relay.html

Even though I'm sure there auto enthusiasts on this forum, you might be better off asking in a vintage automotive forum.

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Even though I would never have picked this up as an automotive question, you may find like minded people over here....

My gut feel is @lewis.heidrick might be someone that has some knowledge of what you are asking, but no guarantees I am even close with that assessment....

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