How to tell if/how well a z-wave repeater is working

Another incredibly stupid question. How can I tell if/how well a z-wave repeater is working, when I have little more than some rocks to knock together? In the absence of an SDR, or much of anything for EM detection, how can I determine if a z-wave repeater is even working?

The only metrics I seem to have on Hubitat are related to the last "activity" of the device. However, a dedicated repeater only changes state when power is restored. So that shows only the time and date when it was last plugged in.

Here is my specific scenario, in case anyone wants to know:
I have a dedicated Aeotec z-wave repeater. I've included it into the local Z-wave network, and had it plugged in right next to a low-power z-wave device with a usable signal. I therefore assumed that the repeater would also have a usable signal; It is about 20 feet from the hub. Yet even so, Z-wave devices only 5-10 feet from the repeater (now more like 25-30 feet from the hub) cannot connect. Furthermore, I have a Fibaro smart plug one floor away, at a distance of about 10-15 feet from the booster. That device also supposedly relays Z-wave signals, although a signal from there needs to pass through masonry to reach the dead zone. The rest of the relevant wall/ceiling materials are wood and wallboard.

Any thoughts?

Under Settings -> Z-wave Details there you will see routing you can see what is routing through it.


If you have a C-7 Hub, you can use the Z-Wave Mesh Details app:

It provides a very nice view of repeaters and what repeats through them.


Is this only on a C-7 Hub?
I’m not seeing it on my C-5.

Yes, it is C-7 only (along with the new Z-Wave Details page). There is no built-in method on the C-5 to see routing. I'm not sure if joining a secondary controller would allow it to see the same routes the hub knows (as long as you have the right software to view it--Z-Wave PC Controller, likely?), but it's possible, and the only thing close to this that I can think of.


Fortunately, I have a C-7, so I was able to install this app. This is good, thank you!

So as I suspected, devices will drop from the network rather than connect through the dedicated Z-wave repeater. I don't think there was really any configuration required for a repeater, but am I missing something? Or is it just not working? It currently has more neighbors than any other single device in the network.

Yes, I have tried many "repair" operations on the Z-wave network. Still, they refuse to connect through it.

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These are not recommended unless you move your hub. It can take several days to recover from one of these "repairs." Doing a single device is OK.


Can you post a copy of your z-wave details page in it's entirety?

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I have both an Aeotec and Ring repeater. The Ring works way better than the Aeotec. However, every few weeks or so no routes go through either one. Then they may be used again for a few days. Either I'm borderline on needing them, or the Mesh algorithm is beyond my understanding.

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Probably both..... Z-wave is some voodoo level shite when it comes to routing. Though I think a lot of it is persistent cached routes


I have several Z-wave repeaters devices that repeat supplied by various manufacturers. Most of my Z-wave devices are connected directly to the C-7 hub which I have placed in an ideal location within my house. However, occasionally something happens and the repeaters are needed to complete the connection. It is always better to have repeaters that are not used than not having one that is needed.

I check the Z-wave mesh details. Hopefully, everything will connect at 100 kbps. I have a Schlage Z-wave doorbell that NEVER connects faster than 40 kbps, but I think that is part of the device design. I do not really get concerned unless some devices only connect at 9.5 kbps or if they drop off entirely.

Good to know. I may get ring repeaters in the future.

Can you post the z-wave settings page not the seperate app page... I wanna check something

(the page that looks like this)

Ah, right. here it is.

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