How to smartenize this garage light. 38000 lumens.. maybe if the specs aren't false

So I just bought this light and it says it can be dimmed via 10 volt dimmer. I see "10 volt" dimmers specifically on Amazon, but of course I want to use a wireless switch and some type of relay to dim/activate the light.

Could I use a Zooz relay or maybe a LED strip controller. If so what 2 terminals on the LED controller would I use? VCC and ground?

The light itself is odd, it has 120 volt supply plus 2 low voltage wires.

Thanks folks

Not sure how you would wire it, but here's a Zigbee 0-10V dimmer.

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You might consider a Zooz:
ZEN54 LR 0 - 10V output

The ZEN54 output will go to the low voltage wires on your light. If the lamp instructions don't identify the high and low of the input wires, measure them with a multimeter (in DC mode). It will indicate which is + and which is -.

The 0 - 10V in the lamp description indicates the light can be / is controlled by a 0 - 10V signal on the low voltage wires.
There are other options if you don't need the dim function.

AIKVSXER UFO LED High Bay Light 240W, 38400LM (160LM/W) High Bay LED Shop Lights with US Plug, 0-10V Dimmable, 5000K Daylight, IP65 Waterproof, Super Bright - ETL/DLC Listed

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I got you all set with a driver for the ZEN54: [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN54 10V Dimmer Advanced

It needs 110v power to power itself and also can have a switch attached to it. So you could either put it in another box next to the lights outlet for the power, and control it via zwave, or you could run the 10v line down to a switch box (that hopefully has power to it already) and put it in there with a switch and have direct control + zwave.

BTW that light looks awesome


Gentlemen, thank you very much for the info. The critical piece is I can't EVER have it fail to come on, so I think if I put the zen 54 in the switch box, and run a low voltage wire to the fixture, I can have manual and smart control, so even if the hub goes down or comms are interrupted.

This will require me running some wire as the switch currently not only turns on the light but also feeds receptacles down the line. In the meantime can I just connect the low voltage wires on the fixture together and get full brightness?

Been doing my own electrical for years and I'm guessing this 0-10V dimming is a newer tech, versus dimmers like the Inovelli that just require power and a load line, even tho they might control LED bulbs in the fixtures.
"All this new fangled stuff...Hey you kids get off my lawn"

0-10V is has been the commercial dimming standard for decades. Do not short the wires together. That will turn the light off. Just don't connect them.


0 - 10 Volts is a very common and flexible interface; Referring to the low voltage wires:

  • Shorted = lights off
  • Open = lights full on
  • PWM in can vary the brightness from off all the way to full
  • A Pot across the low voltage can vary the brightness from off all the way to full
  • A fixed resistor can set the brightness level.

Everything is subject to failure. If you were a belt and suspenders guy you could add a mechanical switch somewhere within reach that can over ride your automation.

Yes, the only thing that would stand in your way is if the ZEN54 get fried somehow. The switch would be wired through the ZEN54 so it is needed to work, but the zwave mesh would not be needed. Similar to having any smart switch hard wired to a light fixture works.

I bought a ZEN54 a couple of months ago in anticipation of using them to control outdoor flood lights at a new home. I bench tested it with the above mentioned driver and everything worked well for me. I also bought a Zooz ZAC99 momentary in-wall switch to go with the ZEN54. In my case, they will be installed in the same wall box(es). I ended up buying several more, but haven't got any real world experience with them because the house is still several months from completion.

The ZEN54 has a max load of 480 watts. This may come into play if you are controlling more than one lamp with a ZEN54.

Awesome, Thank you Jeff and all who commented. Jeff does your driver have a last level after power restore, similar to how the advanced rgbw bulbs will retain state and level after power failure/restore?

what I meant to say is my WAF can't have yet another failure, where she goes in the garage, can't turn on the light, starts yelling "this stupid smart house", and of course right at that moment I'm up on the ladder mounting a giant Zigbee siren to the side of the house(YES I painted it to match the house)and I have to climb down the ladder while all the neighbors are looking out the window, and thinking "who the hell is that yelling"


After a power outage or just turning it off and on again? Either way I think the answer is Yes. The power failure restore has a device setting which you can set with the driver. Turning off/on without setting a specific level should always bring you back to the same level unless the device has a setting to override that. It is basically just how Z-Wave devices are supposed to work if the driver is coded properly (and of course my driver is proper :laughing:).

Was mostly what I was thinking. Thankfully power outages around me are rare, last one was 2+ years ago. Once BF rolls around I'll grab one of those Zen54 relays.
And I had no idea about the 0-10V dimming being in commercial buildings. Learn something new everyday!