How to show Sunrise/sunset at Dashboard

Does someone know easy way to do so?


Not sure about easy easy but I use Tile Master 2 and have a 3 line tile which is populated with these data. He has them available inside the app as values.


Here's a rule that will work

When time is 12:05 AM

Set Sunrise to sunrise time
Set Sunset to sunset time

Sunrise (type = Time, Connector = Variable)
Sunset (type = Time, Connector = Variable)

Sunrise and Sunset variables are available to be added to a dashboard

Thanks to both suggestions, I personally prefer better the RM, as fan of embedded functionality.
Just a short one: how can display only the HH:mm component from the whole data/time variable.

You can make a string variable (SunriseString) with a connector.

Set SunriseString to %Sunrise%
Remove AM from SunriseString
Remove PM from SunriseString

SunriseString should be available for the dashboard without AM or PM

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I would like to do this also but I am not clear on the steps to accomplish it. I do not seem to have Action options available to me to Set Sunrise to sunrise time or Set Sunset to sunset time. Is this method still applicable or is it accomplished differently now? Can I possibly get step-by-step click-by-click instructions on this? Thanks.

This is how I do it now.

As you can see, SunriseTime and SunsetTime are local date and time variables. Sunrise and Sunset are hub string variables.

Once you create your local and hub variables, you can create your actions. They all start here

Set SunriseTime to sunrise (not the hub variable but the hub event)

Next action is to set the hub variable Sunrise using Format DateTime

Just pick the format you want

Now make Sunrise available to a dashboard then display it.

You can also install the community supported app "Hub Information Driver." It has sunrise and sunset times as attributes that can be displayed on a tile.

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