How to setup Denon avr?

I see that Hubitat has native drivers for Denon AVR? That's very exciting! I am not about to find though how to install/pair my AVR to Hubitat.

Can somebody point me to the instructions or docs please? If it matters, I have AVR-X3400H

My primary intent is, that when I pause movie/netflex/Disney, the lights should turn on. I would love to implement this somehow.

Take a look at the entry for Denon AVRs in the hub compatible devices list, which is part of the hub documentation. That explains how to setup a new virtual device with the built-in driver.

How would your AVR know when you hit the pause button while watching something? The AVR isn’t the source of the content you’re watching, the TV/streamer/Blu Ray connected to the AVR is.

You are right, and I realized that, right after posting this :smile:

I started a separate thread for my TV here Any way to link LG C8 TV?

I did not close this thread, as it might still be good to know how you connect my AVR to Hubitat.. more the(devices) merrier :grinning: