How to setup alert for contact sensor left open for more than certain time

I have looked through posts but can’t find instructions on how to complete this. I bought a google mini speaker and would like to set it up to give a voice alert to shut sliding glass doors as I have contact sensors on both doors. Thanks for help

Have you used the Chromecast Integration app in Hubitat to setup your google home mini? That’s step 1.

You can use the Notifications app - example below:

Install the Chromecast integration, and set that up.

Then create the notification and choose your GH speaker as the target:

The Chromecast app is a built-in app, install it first, as @liquidskin suggests, then the Notifications app.

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Depending on the use case, might need RM. I’ve got an indoor cat that would make a run for outside in a heartbeat. With RM I allow for 7 seconds of time open, and the Google Home starts yelling at us :slight_smile:

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You might find this necessary as well.
Some do, some don't, but just FYI.

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I second this. I use it to notify me of doors left open

Thank you for that help! I got it setup :sunglasses:

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