How to set Date variable to Daylight Savings start or end date

I have a daily automation that needs to ignore daylight savings time changes. I need two Date hub variables, one set to the next date that DST begins, and the other set to the next date that DST ends. Is that hiding somewhere, or is there an app for that?

I would pursue any built-in options first, but if you get stuck, you may want to check out an old driver I setup a while ago now... It may hold some useful options for you... maybe...

Thanks. I'll look into that.

Haven’t checked to see if it is compatible with the current JVM, but if java.util.TimeZone.inDaylightTime() is permitted it wouldn’t take too much to add a check for DST to a driver or app.

FYI, this is what I'm trying to achieve, cut the amplitude of sunset time in half. I could just update the rule once or twice a year, but the idea is to be automated.

oh. I saw this after your post in the thread of the Date Time Parser. this is easy actually. Use my tool and check the 3 char of TZIDText3. if TZIDText3=PDT then hour -1. if PST then hour -0. easy peasy.

Or better - in my app
IsDSTActive : true

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That looks like it is allowed, I will update my driver to include the boolean, but will be happy for anyone else to copy the code (will post the code here when I'm done).

er... but but... its already in Date Time Parser! isDSTActive....


Ah, excellent. You can use it from there. I will still update my own driver, but happy to let people use that instead. Nice work.

I figured it out thanks to suggestions from everyone here. Here is the finished code that I'm hoping works as expected.