How to set associations for 2 zooz dimmers in a smart 3 way setup

Transitioning from Vera to Hubitat and need some help getting my smart 3way switch configuration back up and running. My setup- Zen77 dimmer on load side of circuit, Zen30 double switch on adjacent wall with no travelers between switches. Just have hot and neutral at Zen30 location. Worked fine in Vera, set associations between the two dimmers, need some advice as to how to get it working with Hubitat C8.

Some people do use associations, but most do something in software. From my understanding, associations don't transfer to the hub, which could be good or bad depending upon how you look at it.

My advice is to try Switch Bindings app.

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Some of the community drivers, or Zooz drivers have association built in.

I used to do associations but went back to simple automation for my virtual 3-way setup.

Did you exclude the switches? If not, they should still be associated, right? :slight_smile:


If you are set on using direct associations, these drivers will expose the association settings: [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced (and Dimmers)

Otherwise, for an easier approach I would try the switch bindings app suggested above.

You should try those driver regardless because they give you access to all the settings.

If it was moved from Vera to Hubitat, exclusion (or factory reset) is pretty unavoidable.

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I mis-spoke. What I meant was, if the association was never removed, it would carry over to the next hub, wouldn't it?

Exclusion will usually factory reset a device, and factory reset clears the associations. So it was probably removed.

Also not sure if Vera actually set direct associations or just called it "associations" but in reality it was the equivalent of making a rule on the hub.


This. Switch associations would work with the hub powered off.


Welcome to hubitat. I came over from Vera some years ago (c4 hub) and that was the biggest problem I ran into. As others have said, Zooz seems to have an advanced setting, so you are lucky there. I have old Cooper Lighting dimmers and use a combination of the switch bindings app on some and a direct association set using the old Aotec Minimote on others. I was hoping there had been some new developments in this area of the last several years, but it seems to be limited to the modern switches.

Anyway, best of luck, and I think you will find setting up automations vastly easier here on Hubitat compared to Vera

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Thanks for the advice! I am thrilled with the quick and competent replies to my issue!!! This community definitely saved me from throwing in the towel and returning to my Vera... my wife was driving me crazy as the kitchen is her domain and that's where the virtual 3 way switch was not working until I was able to use the recommendations that the community offered up! Can't say how much having peers that are willing and happy to help with issues as they arise!

Thanks for the advice! Saved the day for me. Happy wife- happy life!

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Yeah, factory reset over 50 Zwave devices that were in my Vera Plus hub.

Yes you are right about that. The switch continued to function after Vera Plus was removed from network, and it wasn't until I factory reset the switches and added them to Hubitat that the issue came up.