How to revert firmware?

I need to revert back to firmware 1.0.8, as I need the dashboard to work properly. I restored a back-up from today, but the firmware is still 1.0.9. I tried a back-up from yesterday, same thing. How do I revert the firmware?

Contact @bobbyD for support

Use port 8081

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That did it, thanks!

We just put up a hot fix for the dashboard issues.


Reviving this thread maybe :slight_smile:
When I revert to older firmware, all my devices will remain paired right (bc they are stored in the stick)?

Will I need to load a backup to get all the devices showing up again in the UI? If so- can that be a recent backup?


As stated on the other thread you have on this subject, the firmware version and the database are independent. Restoring one does not affect the other. Restoring a database will not revert the firmware also and reverting the firmware, will not restore an old database.