How to make TUYA SMART SIREN be detected as Chime instead of siren?


Using this driver on my Tuya Siren and it works perfectly.

However when setting actions in the rule machine, I am not able to find it in the devices list if i set to control CHIME or TONE (#1). The device only appears if I set it to SIREN (#2)

Here's the device list if using Sound Tone or Chime action

While it works perfectly as a SIREN, the sound option (1-19) is not available in this mode. I wanted to control the different chimes and tones to output on the device depending on the trigger. I can confirm that the device has 19 different sound effects to choose from by testing them on the DEVICE page.

The only problem is that this device is being identified as Siren only with just on/off actions and no way to choose which tone chime or siren to play

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How about rule machine utilizing a custom action? It VERY unintuitive, at least IMHO. This is my dome siren, which has the same capabilities as the Tuya siren. My Tuya siren is disconnected, but this should work if I recall from when my Tuya zigbee siren was connected


Siren and Chime capabilities are rather different. I have started working on adding Chime (and Tone) capability for the Tuya siren, but it involves a lot of changes in the code. Will ping you for testing when ready.

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awesome! Looking forward to it!

ahh, ill give that a try

I have just uploaded version 1.1.0 on GitHub development branch - linked here : [BETA] Tuya Smart Siren Zigbee driver - #2 by kkossev

There are a lot of changes compared to the previous version, when you have a chance you can test whether the HE standard 'Tone' and 'Chime' capabilities are working on your configuration.

Still, as noted by @Rxich the most powerful are the custom actions.
The 'playSound' command :

equivalent in RM 5.1. custom action is :

The parameters are of a type 'number'.

When you use the standard 'Chime' capability from RM 5.1, the command uses the default playSound (Chime) volume and duration preferences as configured in the driver:


Hi Kkossev
worked great

The Tuya siren appeared already in the options

and yes, tested to work with TONE, CHIME and SIREN all worked well

Thank you!!

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