How to handle the zigbee device, which is shown as not present

Device: Zigbee - Xiaomi/Aqara/Opple Button/Switch/Remote

This button suddenly get the status of "not present"

How can I do in this case to get it back?

Is it still functioning? Are button presses received and processed properly?

no action. I can see the device in the device list, but the status was not updated.
just the value of "notPresentCounter" is increased, maybe the device is still communicating with the hub? :thinking:

I checked the device log:

With this driver, it means it probably fell off your Zigbee network (or hasn't checked in for some other reason, perhaps a dead battery or being outside your mesh range). The solution is generally to re-pair in that case. Don't delete it from Hubitat first; just put the device in pairing mode and put Hubitat in Zigbee pairing mode, too, and it should be (re)discovered as the same device.

If this keeps happening, Xiaomi/Aqara devices are known to be picky about what Zigbee repeaters you use. This thread is a must-read:


@bertabcd1234 Thank you so much, according to your instruction to re-pair the device, it worked well again. :+1:

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FWIW, I had an Aqara button (and Aqara contact sensors) and they kept falling off my hub so I had to remove them. I wasn't willing to get additional repeaters specifically for the Aqara gear, wasn't worth it to me for a few devices.

So unless you take additional steps as noted in the thread Robert linked to, you may continue to have Aqara devices fall off your hub.