How to get all zigbee bulbs to go to 100% when turned on?

I have lots of Sengled Classic bulbs, zigbee, and they all have this annoying feature: when I turn them on from a normal switch (so they were powered off, then I give them power), they turn on for 1 second, then go to 0%. If I flip the switch off and then on again, they are at 100%. It's awful.

I want to make it so that anytime I turn on a zigbee bulb, it turns on and immediately goes to 100%.

The only way I can think to do this is with an individual rule for each bulb, and I have 30+ bulbs...
Is there any other way?

I don't think it can be solved by Rule Machine since turning on/off a normal switch will not trigger any rule.

Are you using the Advanced Zigbee Bulb driver or the Generic Zigbee Bulb driver?
I was using Generic Zigbee Bulb (Advanced Driver only came in recent update), wall switches worked 100% fine.

After I changed them to use Advanced Zigbee Bulb, I have the issue when using wall switches to turn on, a couple of bulbs would be dimmed to minimum (HomeDepot/EcoSmart and Sylvania/Ledvance). Even I set it to 100% and it dimmed again next time.
Most of them I had to set it a few times and finally worked, except one I had to change back to Generic Zigbee driver.

This is a known issue after a "bugfix" in 2.2.6
The solution is to change to the Legacy Driver.

More details can be found here:

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@tony.fleisher is right. That sounds like my issue and this change fixed me right up.

This might sound stupid, but why don't you just use a smart button and write a rule in RM, when the button is pressed, all lights turn on at 100%?
The one from Xiaomi and Sonoff are excellent and not that expensive (between 8 - 12$). I would go down that route or just not use smart bulbs as a ceiling light. If some day, I will start making them smart, I would use a shelly 1. You keep your original switches but get a full smart functionality. Or you could replace them completly with smart switches all together and will be able to use what ever bulb you like in your ceiling.
To be honest why even bother to buy smart bulbs when you turn them fully off using a regular switch? :thinking: :wink:

Zigbee bulbs are designed to be always connected. You should not really be switching them on and off at the mains. This could potentially disrupt you mesh each time you do so and some traffic being relayed through the bulbs being lost.

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I understand that Sengled bulbs do not route traffic, so in this one instance, it shouldnā€™t be a problem. (Apparently, they also send a signal to the hub indicating they are being powered off when power is cut to them...)

That said, generally it is best not to power off smart bulbs.

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