How to: Flash SonOff USB Dongle to be a Zigbee Repeater/Router & Set Transmit Power

one of my p dongles seems to have died.. light just stuck on when i plug in.. any ideas.

i an reflsh it but cannot pair it again to the hub it is not found..

what is really weird is i am almost positive i previously selected device as 2652 p in the ti porgrammer and then flashed it.. flash worked but wouldnt pair.. on a whim i selected 2652R and reflashed it and it paired immediately and appears to be working.. light is still on 100% of the time.. don't remember if that is normal?

Light is on all of the time on all of mine. Not sure about your firmware. I always have selected the launchpad firmware.

yes i selecgted the launchpad firmware.. but below i had to select R version even though sure i did P previously but appears to be working again.

That does seem odd. I havenโ€™t had to do anything with mine since the C-8 came out.

i have 4 of them between two houses.. this is the first issue. and off course on my single c8 so probably related to the c8 zigbee issues.

I have 3 on my C-8. One is 3 feet from the hub (middle of the house downstairs) and then I have 1 on each end of the same floor. Most devices route through one of them

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All through all of my troubles with Zigbee on C8, even at the worst moments, the sonoff never dropped never went away, were just there solid.

So I might be more suspicious of a hardware issue with the Sonoff. They have been very difficult to pair in some cases, I think I must have tried somewhere in the range of 20 plus times to get one of mine to rejoin after flashing it.

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