How to find cause of hard crashes?

I've got a C5 that was really stable until a firmware update sometime late last year or early this year. It will lock up pretty consistently every 3-4 weeks or so.

Symptoms of lock up/hard crash:

  • Green LED stays on
  • Hubitat stops responding to pings
  • Hubitat is unreachable on any port, including 8081
  • All automatons and rules stop working
  • I have to unplug the USB power source, wait a few seconds, then plug it in again to bring the Hubitat back up

What I've done to try and solve the problem, done one at a time after each crash to try and isolate the cause:

  • Installed a rebooter app, configured to restart the Hubitat process
  • Configured the rebooter app to completely reboot the device
  • Configured a Zooz double-plug so it's not as chatty as I saw a topic about it causing problems
  • Removed the Zooz double-plug altogether
  • Configured Peanut plugs to be less chatty
  • Removed all Peanut plugs, as some people say they've caused problems

I have network monitoring software that pings the Hubitat and sends emails when it stops responding to pings, so I have exact timestamps of the crashes. Using the timestamps, I've checked the Hubitat's 'past logs' and have found nothing immediately before or around the time of the crash that looks suspicious or out of the ordinary. Many times, there isn't anything in the logs for 5-20 minutes preceding a crash. I don't see any patterns in the logs before a crash either. The Hubitat has been sitting in the same place it always has with plenty of air flow and no heat sources near by. I keep the firmware current as well.

I've tried emailing Hubitat support about this twice now, waited weeks/months for a response and have yet to hear back from them.

Are there more detailed logs somewhere on the Hubitat? This has been driving me nuts, especially as I have safety related devices (water sensors, smoke/carbon monoxide sensors) that I really need to be able to rely on.

Any help would be much appreciated.

One thing that has happened to a few of us is that the cable, ethernet port on switch, or the entire switch is the cause. Try a different cable and port. If you have some other switch to plug it in to, you can try that as well. Bad power might also be the issue. Try a different power source and cable. Make sure the power adapter puts out enough amps.

Yeah - I've been having random reboots (not lockups) for a while and I can't track it down either. I have a couple of Zooz plugs (also on a C-5) and I too have minimized the "chatter" from those. Nothing in the logs at all. All my automations are in Node-RED, so all the automations in HE have been paused and disabled. I have a weekly reboot but from the logging that I have going on, HE hub vitals (memory, temp etc.) are normal. I do have some community apps/drivers but they were all there before this started happening.

I have changed out the power and the ethernet cable and even the power strip. It's connected into a UPS as well. From a "switch" perspective, it is connected to an Amplifi HD in RAMP mode and I have changed out the port that it is connected to.

For now, I'm just "living" with it - making weekly backups (local and cloud) and keeping my fingers crossed!:crossed_fingers:

Hmm, I've had the same cable/port/switch the entire time I've owned the Hubitat but I guess it's possible one of those is causing the problem. I'll move the Hubiitat to a different switch with a different cable and see what happens.

I've used the same power source the entire time as well - 5V/1A plugged into a UPS. I do have a spare 5.3V/2A power source laying around. If that's not too much power for the Hubitat, I can try that if it still locks up after the networking change.

I appreciate the troubleshooting ideas from you and hope one of them will solve the problem. Unfortunately, I'm still quite frustrated at the lack of logging and being completely ghosted by Hubitat's support though.

It's possible your database could be corrupt. Create a new backup and download that backup to your PC. Do a softreset then apply the one you saved to your PC. This will clean the database and at least eliminate that possibility.

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