How to display data on a tile

I've searched a bit but can only find things about displaying webpages, weather data etc.. changing tile colors, and that's not quite fitting my needs.

How do I create a tile on the dashboard to display a number of variables?

I'm trying to implement part of the below, but I don't care about graphing, I just want to be able to keep a count of the number of times in a day the sump runs and the last run time it ran. Wondering how I create a tile that I can use to just display number of cycles (a variable I'll reset daily), the last run time (another variable I'll update when RM triggers) and maybe the number of run times for the month or some other variable... Not seeing anything explaining this. I know that some of the devices have an "attributes" option, but not sure how to do this with variables. Do I need to create a virtual device?

If you use RM, you could put it as global variable, you can actual then reset it to 0 via the dashboard

Right, I plan to do global variables, but how do I actually create a tile to display my various global variables all in 1 tile?

You can't get them all on one tile nativity, but you could put a tile for each var

Natively you'd have to use an intermediary rule or other mechanism to create a formatted string and store it in its own global variable and use the connector to display it on a tile (attribute or variable template). There are also a couple of tile apps that can help you do this, for example:

Thanks! but not sure what you mean by "use the connector" ... I can def do a formatted string, but are you saying to create a virtual device?

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When you create a global variable, you have the option of creating a connector which is basically a special virtual device that acts as a transport for the variable.


got it, thanks!