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hi @support_team, I'm about to migrate from c7 to c8-pro , assume I need a cloud account for the full zigbee / zwave migration. I'm just reading the forums before doing anything, and I want to delete account after the migration is done with requesting all my data to be deleted.
The forum topic by the same name explains how to close a forum account but I need to know how to close the account if my hubs are added there and the migration was successful. I bought hubitat for privacy and cloud independence. Linking them to a cloud account defeats the whole purpose.

Create a support request using this form, and select the "Account Removal" option:


The Hubitat account is required if you are planning on using the mobile app. It is also used for support purposes. By removing the account, or not registering the hub, for that matter, you will not be able to log into, for example. Is your intention to use the hub strictly offline and managing it from a browser via local network?

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I have my own vpn what I'm quite happy with. this whole hubitat account thing is just required for the migration and nothing else. havng a ton of zwave and zigbee devices I really don't want to mock one by one on the new hub. so I'm thinking about using the migration feature but after its done, I don't need my personal data to be in the cloud anymore.


I believe this user has voiced this approach before and while unconventional for most of us here, it is the beauty of Hubitat's design that allows this sort of flexibility to be totally offline, unregistered, and still function.

Point being, I am sure they are fully aware of all the drawbacks and consequences of using the hub unregistered, has been doing it for a while.


just remember though. Local backups DO NOT backup the z-wave or zigbee radios. If something catastrophic happens to the hub you will lose everything

yea that's something I need to consider, maybe to move away from hubitat at some stage to a system where I can just sed&awk flat files and update radio data. I understand that this is where hubitat makes money really. Also, if my environment is quite static, can I just turn back on my old hub I migrated off from if c8 dies ?

Maybe some but most from hardware.

I think there is a point when that doesn't work...

I was actually requesting a mirroring function to have an active-active or active-passive cluster of two hubs but that's obviously rejected. I'm also thinking of double all my mission critical sensors for the heating and add one set to one hub and another set to another hub but with control relays its a bit more difficult to do.

I'll also throw this out there. A hubitat elevation is not exactly a gateway into one's network nor is it really a target. Taking reasonable precautions is fine but there comes a point in network security that there really is no point. As to private information, hubitat doesn't share with anyone. Reasonable precaution on their part with hashing and salting their data is going to mitigate any potential databreach on their AWS servers. Just sayin....

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its quite normal to disagree in things.

Yes that should mostly work. You might have issues with some Zigbee devices having to be paired again but Z-Wave should keep on chugging. Any device changes though would obviously not be present on the old hub.

I think Z-Wave JS (Home Assistant) can do local radio backups. Might be a little more flexible, but at possibly the cost of being more complicated to get going and maintain.


thanks for explaining it! actually everything mission critical-ish (heating control) is zwave.

Not easily done given the hardware. I think @thebearmay came up with a little something a while back. You could potentially do that with linux or windows server and mirroring vm's into a failover cluster using HA perhaps but I don't know how that would work with the zigbee and z-wave radios and the hardware that is bound to each one.,

hmm. is hubitat's embedded system is actually available to be installed in a vm? or I misunderstand something.

No I mean if you did Home assistant (HA) on a VM cluster not hubitat. But the nature of zigbee and z-wave would make it problematic for failover because of how the devices are bound to the controller. If you were only running WIFI devices that would be much easier to do.

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didn't really read after but these radios just have a mac address as e.g. bt have (let alone the terms that its not a mac address but a hardware address of a kind) , that address can be cloned. (as I think the cloud backup / restore is cloning the address of the radios on the migration). that is the only way not to require devices re-pairing

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May work with zigbee but the z-wave database is on the radio itself. I'm a network engineer and a security specialist but not a programmer though so I'm not sure what else it would take to be able to do that with HA.

Searching around, there are ways on HA to migrate the radios if you have the right USB radio sticks that support it. If you had regular backups being done and a failover system ready you could restore the backups on there and be up and running again in short time (in theory). You could possibly program some sort of automatic failover but that seems like a lot of effort with minimal pay back.

None of my stuff is mission critical so it would just be an inconvenience if the entire thing failed and took me days to get going again. Doors can be opened manually with a code. Light switches all work without the hub using dumb bulbs. Sensors are for monitoring and convenience / automations.