How to delete my C-7 from my account so I can give to a friend?

I bought and used a C-7 last year. I no longer want to use it and want to give to a friend. I think I need to un-register the hub so that he can register it. When I go into my account, it says no hubs are registered to my email address. Does registration expire after a while? How can I get my hub unregistered so I can give to a friend? Its FCC ID 2AHYK-1909C7. MAC is 34E1D180D2DA

I appreciate all help - I don't want to spend any more time on this and just want to hand it off to buddy.

I don't think they expire? You checked under registered hubs as per this post? Remove Hub's Registration from

Any chance you used another email to register?
Otherwise you could either boot it up and check if its registered, or just give it to him and if it gives him any issues support can de-register it since its not showing in your account.

No, it doesn't expire, but if the hub is inactive, is no longer displayed in Registered Hubs on The easiest way to fix that, is to bring the hub online. You would want the hub to be connected to the cloud, so that cloud de-registration is synchronized with your local hub.

Its a long story, but not easy for me to connect Hubitat to internet (I am remote, off grid and just using hotspot without ethernet port). Any way to de-register without bringing hub online?

Please send me a private message along with your hub ID or MAC address and will see what we can do.

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Thanks bobby! I just sent you PM and ID and MAC is also in my original post to this thread...

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