How to delete all "Past Logs"

Is there a way to delete "Past Logs"?

When I click on "Past Logs", the "Delete" button disappears...
(I don't want to have to select each individual device and click delete)

You don't have to do that. It will purge them as needed.

On what schedule will past logs be deleted? Will the obsolete subset categories (on the top after All) also be deleted for devices, virtual and real, that don't exist anymore? I have several log categories showing from old device names that have been deleted. Thx

There's no schedule; rather, it is a continuous cycle. The logs comprise a 10 MB file. As it fills, old logs are purged.


really? Learn something new everyday. I thought it just grew however much it needed to and then got trimmed down to the last 1,000 events during the nightly maintenance.

Maybe I just made that up in my head though... LOL

I think theres's 10 MB spillover as well that Support can see. All in all, not that much. That's why turning on descriptionText and debug logging all the time is not a good idea - it removes old "error" events making Support's task at finding the underlying cause harder.

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This is how the Event Log for each device works. 1000 events per event type is what they are trimmed to.


Do you mean in the events page of each device because I have more than 1000 in these?


Yes, it is per attribute and it is only truncated once per 24 hours. If you have more events during that time, you may very well have more. This has been confirmed by Mike in other threads.

Yes, that is what I was remembering. Thanks for reminding me - I was conflating two different things.


These things are confusing and have been confused in many locations in this forum. I've also confused them on occasion.

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At my age, @bobbyD had to explain it to me at least 3 times!!

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Logs/past Logs, 2 cascading files, each 128KB

Event Logs see here:


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