How to control split air cons via Zigbee device

Hi All,

  1. Just got my HE this week and started to plan for my new home. Can someone give me suggestions as to how to control a dumb split air con into a linked HE device.

  2. Also is it possible that I go for a WIFI based aircon and control it with Google routines and HE linked temperature sensor?

  3. Is there a device which can convert the WIFI devices to Zigbee?

FYI - Noob here :slight_smile:

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Iā€™d be interested in this too, Iā€™m using a Sensibo Sky wifi unit ATM for my split system.

It does integrate with HE using a community driver.

Aha thats interesting. Does sensibo have z wave or zigbee frequency? If not I wonder what other WIFI devices can get connected to HE with a community driver

No, as mentioned it's a WiFi device - it communicates with your Split-System by IR.

I use this driver:

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Try BroadLink or Bond. Has to be IR to Hubitat
Here's one: For Sale: BroadLink RM pro+ and Hampton Bay Fan Controller

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I also use the Sensibo as it integrates with Alexa and can be used in routines, my family use voice to turn on the aircon or turn it off. It can also be integrated directly with HE or via a virtual switch in HE and then out to Alexa and the Sensibo Alexa device, Sensibo also has a nice app that is called from a HE button on my wall mounted tablet as a lot of the time the family will use the tablet to tweak the temp etc.

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