How to control Individual buttons on my switch


I got a Zigbee light switch with 3 buttons (to control 3 lights), when I set it up as Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch it gives me 3 children (one for each button I suppose) as
Generic Component Switch.

When I got into each individual component and click on or off, it turns all 3 on or off... how can I control them individually? I do not seem to find any settings for that? In the end I want to send them as individual switches to my Google Home to control them from there, but only the switch shows up that will turn them all on or off at once.

I am veeeeeeeeeeery new to this, but any support would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, and welcome to the HE community forum!

This is a known 'effect' for some of the Tuya switches, when used with the HE stock drivers. Some Tuya devices require specific initialization in order to be unlocked to work with hubs different than Tuya ones.

You can use the Zemismart ZigBee Wall Switch Multi-Gang community driver to control the individual buttons (switches). Please note, that simply changing the driver is not enough - you must pair the device once again to the hub, with the custom Tuya driver already assigned.

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Awesome. Let me try that out and report back if it worked ^^"