How to check if range extender is working?

I added RING RANGE EXTENDER 2nd Gen to the hub, it added fine (non secure) but im not sure if it's working.. all seems normal in the hub

i've placed the extender where I am sure my hub can reach... and further away got a z-wave button to test - but unfortunately, button still not working ... I checked the range extender's device event and it showed only the battery levels, No other clues

so im blind as to this extender is really working or not.

C5 or C7?

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if you're on a C-7, you can look at the topology

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I'm on C7.. i'll explore z-wave topology

so im trying to understand this..

my fibaro remote is 0E
and the repeater is 14

they both in blue so should see each other
but signal from fibaro not getting to hub (rule to sound siren didn't fire) .. so i guess it's not working at all..

Have a look at the last column in the zwave Radio Device Table as it shows the node addresses.

Under z-wave settings note the number of the repeater, then look at your other devices for that number in the routes

Always forget which way to read this, but if I’m doing it correctly:

0x14 sees 0x13, 0x11 and the hub (0x01), and is seen by 0x0A, 0x11, 0x13 and the hub
0x0E doesn’t appear to see or be seen by anything except the hub

I may have the sees/seen reversed, but regardless 0x0E visibility is only with the hub.

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So in this case 19 is my aerotec 6 repeater

I would recommend you install the “Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details“ app from Hubitat Package Manager detailed here:

From it, you can easily see if any of your devices use your extender.