How to change device settings from an app?

Upto now the only "Configuration" I have done in an app is to set a switch to on or off by:

"SwitchDevice".on() or off()

I now have a Athom PS01 presence sensor in which I want to set the mmwave sensitivity (Among lots of other stuff). My first problem is what is the name I use to identify this characteristic. I looked in the driver for this device and my guess is mmwave_sensitivity (is this right?). If my "Input" statement for the Athom device is "athom" do I do a athom.sendevent() or execute a athom.setattribute() or what. If my athom device was a switch I would simply execute athom.on() to turn it on. How do I set a sensitivity for mmwave or Detection Delay or any other setting? Do I use a call to athom.configure()?? Is this a capability I can expect from this driver? In the mean time I have installed Home Assitance via a VM on my PC and can adjust the settings but is this really the only way to fool around with a sensor like this? Thanks and I appreciate the help

My Athom PS01 got deliver a few days ago and I want to write an App that not only receives Events from it (which I already can do) but also is capable of setting characteristics of the device such as Sensitivity, Distance of Operation, Detection Delay, etc. The only command I have used in an app upto now is to throw a switch with MyDevice.on() or off(), where MyDevice was specified in the "Input Statement" of the app. Is there a command/setting to set the configuration of a device like this? Something like MyDevice.SendEvent(something) or MyDevice.SetAttribute(something) that will change the configuration of the device so I can fool around with its capabilities? I have installed Home Assistant with a VM on my PC and now able to experiment with the Athom but how can I do this experimenting with Hubitat alone? Thanks For The Help

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