How to block or disable app

Hello. Is there a way from the hub to block a user with the app that I previously installed on her phone? Delete the device in the hub does not see to stop her using the app. Thank you.

I'd think you'd need to look into the Hub Login Security under Settings.

edit. . . er, never mind. I'm only "regular", not "Knowledgeable" (a work in progress)

You did add the person as a guest account and not just log into your account on their device right?

Go here: My Hubitat

Go to Registered Hubs > Hub Details
Then remove the guest account.

I would assume that should do it.

If you are talking about the installed Mobile App on her phone, check out this thread:

No. It’s a family member I should have created a user. The app she uses is logged in with admin XXxxxxx. So change the password would work?

Wooooo slow down hold your horses. I never said I kicked out someone out of the house. I am on a trip. I showed my daughter how to check at night all lights are off. Long story short I just want to render her app not working. Thank you.

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LOL The approach is the same, even if the motive is different :wink: You have to remove and recreate the app in order to make a separate admin install inactive. If that was a Dashboard, resetting the token in the Dashboard app would have worked.

Would not work.

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Hello jpt10801. Yeap great idea. Next time I’ll create accounts for each family member. My bad to setup her phone with admin login.

Ok thank you

Also if you want people to only have limited access you can setup user specific dashboards and then if you need to remove access you can just reset the token as Bobby stated. I did this for my kids and only put relevant devices on each of their dashboards.


Have you asked her to log out of the app and uninstall it from her phone?

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Yes thank you Case solved.