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I’ve already deleted my ex from app from the “users management” page but she still has access to all devices and can still open doors, locks, etc via the app. How do I remove her access? I haven’t found anywhere to “log out all users”. This is extremely frustrating as she is coming by my house while I’m at work, I get notifications when she arrives but I can’t do anything to control access because her app still works even though I deleted her as a user and I’m the admin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hmmm haven’t looked at that angle yet, but you might try deleting the device created for her phone from the hub. The app in theory would then ask her to create a new one and fail when attempting due to an invalid user name.

@bobbyD how far off am I with this line of thought?

That said, if she's coming by your home and the device registered to her is registering in your logs, you can call the police. If she isn't a resident and isn't on the lease it goes from being a civil to criminal matter.

I cannot even imagine how frustrating that must be. First of all, be sure to block access to your local network on your router (change the Wi-Fi password if you didn't already). As for the mobile app, we are looking into what we can do on our side. As an interim band-aid, do you have any Rooms created? If you don't, create one and place a non-critical device into it. Also, send me a PM with your hub's MAC address.

Good thinking but once logged in, it doesn't log you out even if the user account or mobile device is removed. Restricting access to local network is the first step. Revoking access to the cloud can be done by removing the oauth on the hub side. Once I connect with the OP we will get him/her straight.


I’m at work so I won’t be able to get the MAC address until tonight when I’m back at the house. In regards to changing the Wi-Fi password unfortunately that would be a tremendous effort since I have so many IOT devices signed directly to my wifi router. But I did recently get a new internet service provider that supplied a modem/router that my old router is plugged into. So if I plugged my hub into the new modem/router would that solve the issue temporarily because that modem/router has a different Wi-Fi network? My guess is I’ll have to discover the hub again since it will have a new address, correct?

Please see my private message.

No because it would still likely be on the same lan

Hi, I'm having a very similar issue with my now do I prevent her mobile device from being added back into Hubitat and having access to my system?

Secure your Wifi - change password so they cannot get into local network

Remove the user account: My Hubitat
Log in and click Hub Details. If they know your password, change your password

Reset Dashboard token
Go to Hubitat Dashboards app on the hub UI
Click Advanced and Reset Access Token

Remove the "Mobile App Device" for that user from the devices list.

I am not 100% sure if resetting the dashboard token will prevent an already logged in app from accessing the cloud dashboards (without logging in again)? @support_team ?? If not, there really needs to be a way to "log out all users" like many other services have.

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It will not, we can look app the Mobile App ID from our end so that user can remove it. That would basically revoke access to a logged in user.

@cking see my PM.

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