How to add community apps in HE

Sorry if the answer to this is friggin obvious but I was trying to add a community app to my hub using the add user app button. when I click on it, all I see is this:

I can type above the line but nothing appears for any search I perform. I was trying to add Hubitat Package Manager app and the Echo Speaks app but nothing comes up on anything I type. All I can do is hit done. Reading the readme for package manager, I should see the following screen when I click add user app and type in Hubitat Package Manager:

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

The search field is only for searching among ones you already installed. You have to actually download and install the Hubitat Package Manager. I don't have it myself as I find it easier to install the user apps I want manually.

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Let’s get Package Manager installed first as this will provide an easy way to get other packages installed. Go to the Apps Code tab, and click on create a new app; then click the Import button and enter this into the URL:

and save. Then go back to the Apps page and select Add a User App, select Package Manager and install.


Thank you, I knew I must have missed something. Working fine.


Thanks, got it working. Appreciate the quick reply


Just realize, not all community apps are in HPM.... (Fantastic app btw). But now you know how to install a community app. The same process also applies to community drivers that you manually install.