Dummies guide to install Hubitat package manager

I’m still new to Hubitat and found a cool app I wanted to install. Then found out it’s on HPM now and for the life of me can’t figure out how to install that. Are there any step by step guides to install it?



Last couple posts in that thread.


There’s a how-to guide on installing custom apps in the hub documentation pages. HPM can be manually installed just like any other custom app.

The HPM readme in GitHub explains more about how to use HPM.


Thanks guys I got it setup and working now.



Ok, I know I'm just missing something obvious here. I installed package manager and used it to install the iPhone Presence app but now Idk where to find that presence app so I can use it.

Apps tab, install user app. Once you select the one you want, it will appear in the listing of apps on the Apps tab.

I'm not seeing iPhone wifi presence in my apps list.

But I did install it.

I apologize if I'm misreading your posts. But, after you install the package with HPM, you still need to go to the regular Apps page, click the button at the top to Add User App, then install the app from there. Basically, HPM adds the code to your hub, then you still need to install the app through the regular process.

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You install the code with package manager. Look in the upper right corner of your first screenshot. There are two buttons. Install user app, and add built in app.

You didn't install using those, did you?

When I use the button for user app I only see package manager and under built in apps I'm not seeing anything new.

So it should be there.

I have had the browser cache not show recent additions or changes to the hub. You could try a private window or new browser.

You could also try a reboot from the Settings tab.

Also, you could look in Apps Code tab and see if there is anything listed there.

But you should see a list of any apps in that same place as Package Manager like in your screenshot above.

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What if I'm installing a "device driver" it looks like that's what the iPhone wifi presence sensor" is.

I see it under driver code but I still don't know how the heck to make use of it. I want it to work as a presence sensor when I'm connected to wifi.

Ah, you said

And it didn't dawn on me that it wasn't an app.

In that case, you should be able to go to the Devices tab, and Create a Virtual Device in the upper right corner. You will have to name this device and pick the "TYPE" (driver) for iPhone Presence.

Start at "Loading A Custom Driver" about halfway down the page.


Also there are instructions in the iPhone presence thread, first post. [UPDATED] iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor - Code Share - Hubitat

Thanks so much for the help. I'll look you up tomorrow after I review those. Seems like something I should be more aware for.

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The first couple times doing a new app or driver are the worst. It will be much easier the next time, I promise!

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Hi, I am new to HE. Please advice what does Packet Manager app do ?

It’s an app that automates the process of downloading and installing other community-developed apps and drivers.

I suggest reading the readme in the developer’s GitHub repo.

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