How reliable is the hubitat cloud?

I’ve been experimenting with using cloud end points to allow certain people access to my house at certain times. Contractor is coming at 2? Cloud end point unlocks door only between 1-3. Been working great but what if the cloud is down? Is there a way to check cloud uptime? Also, is there a way to receive a notification if the cloud goes down?

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Now, that would be a trick! Let's see, our cloud went down, but we will send a notification from our other cloud?

In all seriousness, our cloud uptime is very high.


I ment locally. Although I’m kinda an idiot, but I figured some type of locale ?rule? That ?pings? The cloud every x minutes or seconds. If it receives no response it sends a notification. There’s several ways to receive the notification using another cloud but MY way would be homekit via homebridge. If the rule doesn’t receive ping a virtual switch changes which in turn moves a homekit switch, which would in turn use homekit cloud to notify me “clouds down”. I actually “back up” all my notifications like this as I prefer Apple notifications

I recommend the following app: (works great, I use it for my Ecobee, which is always down....)

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Thank you

If the hub has not sent or received any messages in the past 60 minutes, it will ping the cloud on its own. If it does not get a response a message will appear on the UI that says "Cloud connection is unavailable"


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You could also setup VPN to your home so that if the cloud was down you could still perform your unlock.

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What cloud end point unlocks the door (a dashboard made and shared with the service person)?


As @bravenel says, the Hubitat cloud services have been very reliable. If you're an iOS user, setup Homebridge, and as long as you have an iPad that can run the latest iOS, an Apple TV 4 or greater, or a HomePod, you can also access devices remotely though HomeKit. So that would be your backup cloud. I've never personally experienced an outage with Apple's HomeKit cloud. Seems to be a very reliable choice as well.

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I came from the SmartThings platform but only use it for one thing now, calling a Hubitat endpoint every few minutes. This tests not only the Hubitat cloud but the hub itself. If the endpoint fails the first time I wait a few seconds and try again. If it fails a second time the SmartThings platform sends me a message. Iv'e been using this method for months and it works extremely well. In the five months I've been on Hubitat I have only detected two cloud outages. When I say outage I can't confirm it was a Hubitat issue or some other issue somewhere else on the interwebs. In both cases the interruptions were less than five minutes so I'd say its very reliable. Because it is only calling an endpoint you could use this method using a variety of platforms.

Would it be possible to make this an event hubitat can respond to?