How reliable is Hubitat?


So my current home lighting controls consist of aeon Z-Wave in wall micro controllers, sitting behind Lutron Pico button controllers.

Was I nervous about doing this?, oh heck yea! I wouldn’t even dream of trying this (if it was even possible) on some other platforms that I’ve used.

With this type of setup there is no physical switch connected to the aeon controller, so if the Lutron bridge fails or the hub fails, or the lutron integration fails, there is no control of the light via the picos…

Also with any cloud based hub solution the latency involved in transacting this simple automation would be noticeable under the best of circumstances.

So, in the three months since i started deploying these (over 30 locations), I have not had one single issue with this setup, response time is fast and consistent and has not failed once.

The super cool thing about using Hubitats Lutron integration is that each Pico is it’s own completly programmable button controller, each button can have it’s own pushed and or held action using our built in button controller app. So you are not limited to just controlling the light at that specific location.

I have so many Pico controllers that when I purchased some Serena shades I had exceeded the 50 device limit on the bridge, no problem Hubitat supports multiple Lutron bridges!

So there you have it, eating our own dog food as they say, and loving it!


I assume Hubitat to Lutron is a local integration ? Wouldn't the Lutron bridge need a "cloud" connection, making it a bit slower ?


we only support the lutron pro bridge, which is 100% local


Ahh! Well that's really cool then. Thanks


Confused with this... What you mean?
If the switch is not physical connected to the AEON micro controller whats the purpose? To have no switchs in the house?


Adding a switch where no power/wiring is preinstalled, some old houses this setup resolve to have an electrician and wire a new wall switch because the back porch switch is inside the bedroom instead at the door of the back porch, for example. Or replacing switch with better shape with a pico.


Picos are Lutron radio button controllers, they do not have any dry contacts, so there isn't anything to connect to the micros.
The main purpose for doing my production this way was primarily aesthetic.
Lutron dimmers and switches aren't available in black, and I don't prefer the caseta dimmers lack of neutral, as well as their lack of memory of previous level setting.