How do I modify dashboard icon?

I recently integrated my Bond Bridge controlled Somfy motorized RTS shades to Hubitat.

When I added the shades to my Hubitat dashboard I used the default template icon provided for shades (see icon below). The icon works for my dashboard, but I'd like to remove the position slider that appears on the default template. I only have the shades set to be either open or closed. I do not have a position programmed. Thus, I'd like to remove the slider.

Is there a way to modify the default template icon to remove the position slider? In the alternative, is it possible to create a custom icon similar the default icon, but without the slider?

Many thanks. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

I don't have any shades to test this with, but you can try modifying the template to Switch and choosing a Shade Custom Icon.

--Remember to re-load the dashboard when changing icons--

Thanks. I was able to use your suggestion to change to the switch template with one of the available available shade icons. The look is what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, the switch template did not allow me to open or close the shades via the dashboard.

For the time being, I'm going to stick with the shade template and disregard the position slider on the shade icon.

I appreciate your input.

You can remove the slider using CSS, more advanced styling options than are available through the regular tile, template and dashboard setup screens.

On your dashboard:

  • Open the tile settings by clicking on the 3 dots on the tile, noting the tile id / number in the top left. Close the tile settings dialog
  • Select the Settings "Cog" icon for the dashboard, usually positioned in the top right of the dashboard
  • Select the Advanced Tab
  • Select the CSS tab
  • Paste in the text below, replacing the 48 with your tile id
/* tile-48 Settings */
	#tile-48 .tile-primary > div.dimmer { display: none; !important; }

You should now see the slider removed:

You can also do this and other tweaks using my Simple CSS Editor utility:


Awesome! Thank you so very much. Your CSS edit did the trick.

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